Homecoming 2022


Stephanie Vega

Homecoming court at the Homecoming fashion show

Alyssa Villa, Photography

Homecoming is a big part of the school year and many people look forward to it when the new school year begins. This year’s homecoming took place on Friday September 30th. The theme this year was Animation Avenue and there was an amazing halftime show to celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary.

This year’s homecoming football game was against Rosemead High School. Sadly, the Eagles football team lost the game, but they never lost the support of the students at SEMHS. Mr. Castillo planned a fun halftime show with students from all grades participating in it. He did this to celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary. The theme “Animation Avenue” paid homage to famous childhood and adolescent characters from films and television. The characters were represented by freshmen who were Minions, sophomores portrayed characters from Monster High, the juniors represented Princess and the Frog, and the seniors reflected the colors and the spirit of Spiderman. The homecoming halftime show was choreographed by a professional dance teacher Miss Venus Fields, who also teaches dance at Shively Middle School. Sophomore Natalia Vargas said, “The halftime show was actually very good and exceeded my expectations.”

The homecoming dance took place after the football game and it was held inside of the gym. Last year it had to be held outside on the blacktop due to Covid-19, but since cases of Covid-19 have gone down it was allowed to be held inside.Tickets for the dance were $50 at the door, but the weeks before they were at discounted prices and the tickets for the football game were $8.

This year’s homecoming was one to remember from the special homecoming halftime show to the fun dance. Many people enjoyed the dance sophomore Andrea Diaz said, “ The homecoming dance was very fun, ASB put in a lot of effort and time for it to be that way.” The music choices were also enjoyed by many students, you could see them jumping around and dancing to it. Sophomore Alexa Villa said, “I think the DJ’s music choices were good and fun to dance to, I would’ve liked more Spanish songs though.” The DJ played many different genres of music and many different artists. Some of the genres heard were hip-hop, pop, rap, and latin, but the genres that students seemed to enjoy the most were rap and hip-hop. Artists like Big Sean, Bad Bunny, Mike Sherm, Kid Cudi, and Black Eyed Peas were heard playing at the dance. The DJ understood what type of music teenagers these days listen to and it made the dance more enjoyable for everyone. Overall, this year’s homecoming was enjoyed by many and was one for the books.