May Is For Mental Health Awareness


Natalia Vargas, Fashion Editor

It is important to understand that mental health is a fundamental part of a person’s overall well being. Mental health influences the kind of actions we choose to make and how we handle being in a distressed situation. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and has been recognized that way since 1949. This month is dedicated to bringing awareness and the importance of taking care of our mental health.

Mental Health Awareness month helps stop the stigma around mental illness which allows people who are struggling to seek help and support. It helps friends and families understand that mental health plays a big role in day to day life. Having a mental health condition can be very difficult to live with, but it shouldn’t stop people from living very happy lives. The more educated you become on mental health the better you’ll be able to help and support that person in need. Mental Health Awareness month provides an opportunity to fundraise in which will help support the research of mental illnesses and provide better treatment options for people who need it. Millions of people suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, BPD, OCD, and schizophrenia so bringing awareness about mental health will make those who suffer with these illnesses feel less judged and safe.

Since this month is celebrated as Mental Health Awareness month here are some ways you can celebrate and show your support. You can post on social media, attend an event in support of Mental Health Awareness, check up on loved ones, share your story about your struggles with your mental health, and wear a green ribbon. The green ribbon symbolizes Mental Health Awareness and by wearing a green ribbon it shows that you support the mental health of others, including your own well being. These are some ways you can participate in showing your love and support this month. 

The theme for Mental Health Awareness month this year is “More than Enough.” This theme was chosen to bring people together, and to show the deep-rooted value people hold no matter what mental illness you have or had. The theme basically is saying if you were only to do one thing the entire day then that’s enough, because you don’t have to do more to be satisfied.  As long as you’re being true to yourself and are mentally healthy and happy,  you make the people around you happy with your presence, then that’s all that matters.  

Mental Health Awareness month was created to normalize mental health conditions, and to show that it’s okay to not be okay. It also celebrates the recovery of people who’ve overcome their mental illness. If you are struggling with a mental illness or you know someone who is, show your support and motivate them to get the help they need. Don’t make them feel like an outsider, make them feel that they belong in this world, even if they’re struggling with a mental illness.