Celebrating Success: Class Of 2023 Graduation Ceremony


Students Practicing for their Graduation Ceremony at SEM high school.

Michael Valencia, Sports Editor

South El Monte High School’s Class of 2023 is having their graduation ceremony on June 7th 2023 at 7 P.M. This date will mark a special day in the lives of these hardworking students. It will be a memorable event, where the school celebrates the achievements of the graduating class, and says goodbye to their high school years. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting day for the graduates of South El Monte High.

The graduation ceremony at South El Monte High will be a day filled with happiness and pride. The students will all be dressed in matching caps and gowns, with the exception of a few caps which were customized to show off students’ creativity. The ceremony will be a time to remember and celebrate everything students achieved during their high school journey. During the ceremony, the students will be recognized for their accomplishments. They will be honored for doing well in their classes, participating in sports, showing their talents in art or music, and helping the community through volunteer work. It will be a way to appreciate all the hard work and dedication they put into their studies and extracurricular activities.

The graduation ceremony will include speeches from teachers, special guests, and the top students of the class, known as valedictorians. These speeches are meant to inspire and encourage the graduates as they move forward in life. They will talk about the importance of working hard, staying positive, and never giving up on their dreams. These speeches will be given in the hopes of motivating students to be ready to take on new challenges they will face in life. Xavier Torres, a senior who will be attending Long Beach State after graduation had this to say, “I’m looking forward to what life has for me after high school, since I’m going to college I’m excited to see how that goes. I’m going to miss high school and the sports I played during it.” 

South El Monte High School is proud of its diverse community, and the graduation ceremony will show just that. Students from different backgrounds and cultures will come together to celebrate their shared achievements. It will be a day of unity, where everyone respects and appreciates each other’s differences. The graduates learn the value of diversity and how it enriches their lives. The ceremony will also honor the teachers and staff members who guided and supported the students throughout their high school years. These educators are going to be thanked for their dedication and hard work. 

As the graduates say goodbye to South El Monte High, they are also excited about what the future holds. They have learned many valuable lessons during their time at school and are now ready to pursue their dreams. Some will go to college, some will start working, and others may explore different paths. Whatever they choose, they are well-prepared for the next chapter of their lives.

South El Monte High School’s Class of 2023 graduation ceremony will be a special day for the students and their families. It will be a time to celebrate their achievements and look ahead to the future. The graduates have worked hard and accomplished a lot during their high school years, and they are now ready to take on new adventures. South El Monte High wishes them success and happiness in all their dreams and goals. Onward!!!