Prom 2023 Twisted Forest


Picture Taken By Students of ASB.

Michael Valencia, Sports Editor

ASB has been working hard all year to bring the highly anticipated Prom 23 to life for the students of South El Monte High School. Students have been looking forward to Prom all year long and ASB not only has put together the locations for Prom and theme, but they also have special spirit events that take place during the week of Prom. These events include performances by Prom King and Queen candidates, water balloon fights, fashion shows, and many more. 

The date Prom 2023 is going to take place is Saturday April 22, 2023. There will be adult supervision taking place at Prom to ensure the safety of people volunteering at Prom and the students who are attending Prom. The people supervising Prom are going to be selected staff of South El Monte High-school including Mrs. Briones, Dr. Morales, and Ms. Paz. 

The theme for Prom was released two months before the event to give students an idea of what to be ready for. When the theme for Prom 23 was finally revealed on February 10th it was revealed that the theme was going to be ‘Twisted Forest.’ This reveal brought much excitement to the students of South El Monte High School. Nathan Palafox, a senior at South El Monte said, “It wasn’t what I expected, but it’s a cool idea i’m looking forward to it.”

 The location for Prom was not revealed until a later time, around April 6th, 2023. Many students had ideas of where Prom was going to take place, but it was not official. The official location that was revealed was the Los Coyotes Country Club 8888 Los Coyotes Dr. Buena Park. The Prom is going to be held at the Country Club from the times of 7 P.M. to 11 P.M on Saturday April 22.  

Carlos Aguirre, an ASB member at South El Monte High School told me students should be prepared for, “… great music, dancing, photo ops and a special surprise for students who want to remember their great night.” The Prom this year was put together by the ASB committee who consists of students Amelie Orozco, Valerie Narajo, Kathlyn Ramirez, and Rolando Rivera. These students are the people that have brought Prom 23 to life, so a special thank you to them.


**4/24/23  Note from the Editor: An article about student reactions to Prom as well as prom outfits will be coming soon to the Eagle’s Nest.