Protests on going Back to School


Dylan Macias, Features Editor

On February 22nd, 2021 there was a protest held by the parents at Los Angeles Unified School District to reopen the schools for the kids. Parents and children held signs, letting it be known that they want the schools to reopen quickly. Although they had protested, other education officials have expressed doubts about reopening schools until it is safe.


The Journalism class at South El Monte High School conducted a survey from a small sample of the parents of the students in class. The survey had the parents vote on whether or not it was okay for their kids to start going back to school. 75% said no and the other 25% said yes to going back. One of the parents who voted yes said, “It’s okay as long as everyone is taking the right precautions and staying safe.” Another parent who was a part of the 75% who voted no said, “I would prefer that my children go back to school when all teachers are vaccinated, and when I feel like my kids are safe to go back.”


In the ABC7 article, it was stated that the United Teachers Los Angeles came out with an answer to the protest, “Let’s be clear: the pressure building to return to schools is political. It is not science. Returning to schools without proper health and safety protections will expose our children and our educators to COVID-19, putting families at risk of illness and death.” There are still risks of going back to school, so they want the teachers to get the vaccine before everyone starts going back.

Parents had protested, letting it be known that their kids are struggling during online school, until the superintendent of LAUSD Austin Beutner had said that he wanted everyone to go back when the teachers and staff are vaccinated. This is so everyone has a better chance at staying safe, and less likely to get the virus COVID-19.

Students’ parents are worried about their children’s education, and they want them to go back, and some parents don’t want their children to go back until it’s safe to go. At the moment, it’s speculated that students will return to the classroom once everyone is vaccinated and cases are declining.