Horror Takes Center Stage in 2019 Homecoming Parade


Photo by Javier Moreno

Destiny Olivas, Editor-In-Chief

South El Monte High School has been continuing the tradition by having our special Homecoming Parade during halftime at the SEMHS football game on October 11th.

For our 27th year of South El Monte High School, ASB members decided on doing the theme of horror for the parade. Each float had a connection with a scary movie to match with the theme. Freshman float was Saw, sophomores had IT, juniors were Scream, and Seniors had the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. 

The floats consisted of skits, music, and dancing, that the performers enjoyed. “At first being on the float was nerve-racking, but as time went on it got really interesting for me and the crowd,’’ said one of the people on the Scream float, Kelly Deip. 

Jocelyn Cornejo, who was in charge of the junior float said that she was very pleased with the results at the end of the parade, and reflected how it was cool for everyone’s ideas to come together. 

“I personally think that my junior class has outdone every other class and I am so proud of how it turned out,’’ Cornejo stated. 

After the floats had been presented, each student that ran for Homecoming Queen or King was on a fancy car with their parent, guardian, or someone that they looked up to. During that time, each of them had audio of them talking on why they are grateful for the person that they were cruising with. 

Behind the cars came along SEMHS Band, Colorguard, and Drill with their performance of cadences and Bands new blue and gold outfits. 

After the Drill, Colorguard, and Band performed Dylan Williams and Cassandra Flores announced the Homecoming Queen of 2019. The women that ran for Homecoming Queen were Victoria Andrade, Liyah Rangel, Lissette Lopez, Audrey Figueroa, and Thamelie Than. The Homecoming Queen’s name was written on a poster in a box that was filled with red balloons to relate with the movie IT. 

Our homecoming queen was finally announced with Liyah Rangel’s name on the poster floating out of the box with the red balloons. Liyah was lead to the center of the stage to receive her flowers, sash, and her crown that Nicole Pena, last year’s homecoming queen, placed on Liyahs head. 

At first, Liyah wasn’t too sure about running for homecoming queen. Since it was a tradition to run for the queen in her family and she wanted to go all out for her senior year, she changed her mind and doesn’t regret it at all.

“ I didn’t think I was going to win because I had some good competition, but when I won I was so shocked. Overall, it was so cool for me,” Liyah shared. 

The homecoming king was announced at the dance which was the day after the football game. 

Overall, from the people who participated in the parade, to the students and staff watching the parade, everyone thought it was a success and looks forward to many more Homecoming parades to come.