Journalism Class Provides Opportunities for Growth


Janira Hernandez

The Eagle’s Nest

Juan Chiguindo, Sports Editor

When you think of journalism, what’s the first that comes to mind? Boring? Stressful? Too much writing? 

Well journalism has many fun and interesting aspects to it, journalism isn’t just all about writing, it’s much more than just that. Journalism is having creativity, researching, and interacting with students and staff. 

Senior Rosario Mariano said, “Journalism is a place where I could express my opinions, but also give out information about what’s happening around the school and the outside world. It has helped me better myself in writing, and helped me be more elaborative and interact with others who I never talked to.” This shows insight from one of the students after taking the class this year.

Journalism is described as very fun but yet stressful, junior Jesenia Garcia says, “This class has taught me so much, I learned how to take pictures, and I learned how to efficiently communicate with others.” 

Students who take journalism can also learn how to take pictures as well as how to edit them. After interviewing Senior Janira Hernandez about how she felt after taking a year of journalism, and what its taught her she stated, “ I felt it was something worth pursuing in the long run when it comes to photography. I’m really into films and am a creative person overall so journalism helped me explore that a bit more these past two years. It also helped me develop my goal of getting into creative fields such as film, music, and photography.”

To sum it up journalism is an ideal class for students who have a great interest in writing, interviewing, and getting out there and being social, as well as showing dedication to help design and shape a school newspaper and website