Welcome Baby Eagles & Class Of 2027 !!!

Stephanie Vega, Social Media Editor

Welcome Baby Eagles and Class Of 2027!!! That was the motto and celebration on January 20th, which was South El Monte’s 8th grade visitation day. This visitation allows future Eagles to spend a couple of hours at South meeting their assigned counselor, and seeing what clubs, programs, and sports South El Monte High School has to offer. 

The day began with the arrival of the 8th graders from various schools, the middle schools that participated in this year’s visitation were Potrero Middle School and Dean L. Shively Middle School. Students arrived along with their teachers and they were both greeted with a joyful and bright welcome from our cheer and ASB members. The visitation consisted of three stations. As the students entered the gym, it was decorated by red posters. In the gym, students were delighted with performances from the choir, drill, band, color guard, and cheer. After the performances and staff introductions, the students were divided into groups based on their given color of bracelet. 

One group stayed in the gym and were playing games that were hosted by ASB. For one activity, the 8th graders and ASB students had to lie on the floor and their goal was to get to the table across from one end of the gym to the other just using their bodies. This game allowed 8th graders from different schools to collaborate and have fun. Another group of students went to the field house where they were granted the opportunity to meet with their counselors. The counselors that were presented were: Mr. Gutierrez (A-Di), Ms. Saldana (Do-L), Mrs. Valadez (M-Ra) and Mrs. Burgess (Re-Z). During this station, the counselors also went over the list of all the courses that are offered at the south. Plus, students were able to check some of the classes they are interested in. The counselors also shared the 4-year plan for the students that would help students graduate. The third station was the club rush. Many of the students were able to see the many clubs and programs that are offered. For instance, booths included CSF (California Scholarships Foundation), the Women’s Empowerment Club, The Quadratics Club, and FMP (Freshman Mentoring Program). The sports that were part of the club rush were Girl’s Volleyball, Boy’s Basketball, and Girl’s Soccer etc. For instance, Ms. Torres, a 8th grade math teacher from Potrero shared that, “I love the idea of the club rush because teachers are able to see their old students and the incoming freshmen are able to see what the school has to offer.” Kathernie Garcia Lopez (‘24) expressed, “Many of the 8th graders were curious about the different clubs that we have to offer, and many were asking questions and taking flyers, which was nice to see.” 

The 8th graders are being greeted by our joyful cheer team and ASB members.

After the students finished visiting each station, they all regrouped back at the gym, where they would be released in order to receive their delicious lunch.  They had the option to choose between an exquisite hotdog or hamburger. After they got in their assigned buses, and headed back to their individual schools. It’s safe to say that the 8th graders were able to get a sneak peek of what will be their home for the next four years.