Teacher Appreciation Week 2022


Tyler Macias, Fashion Editor

Monday May 2nd through Friday May 6th 2022 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Throughout the week students celebrated the work and effort teachers put into making their classrooms a place of learning, and safety. At South El Monte High School both students and teachers could participate in festivities such as a volleyball game, a basketball game, and a dodge-ball game. There was also a day where In-N-Out Burgers catered to the school for everyone to enjoy. 

Many teachers participated in the events, such as Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bocanegra. Mr. Johnson, a history and journalism teacher, stated that it was a great opportunity for students and teachers to have fun and interact with each other. He participated in the volleyball and dodge-ball game this year, and has done the volleyball game during a previous year at south. As for the In-N-Out treat, Mr. Johnson said “It was a nice treat…not only was it for teacher appreciation, it was for student appreciation too.” Another teacher, Mr. Bocanegra said, “The Teacher Appreciation Week activities were great as it creates an opportunity to get to know other students.” He also expressed that the students get another view of the teachers. Mr. Bocanegra hopes that the Teachers Appreciation Week activities will continue next year for another round of competitive fun.

Why do we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week though? Well, it’s to show how thankful students are for their teachers. Not only students can appreciate teachers, that week was also an opportunity for parents to thank the teachers for helping their students, and for teachers to thank other teachers for any help they received. The purpose of the week is to recognize the work and effort teachers put into their job, and to celebrate it. However, appreciation seemed to go both ways for South El Monte High School with the activities that were planned.

Overall, it seems like both students and teachers alike had fun during the activities. Whether they were watching them or participating in them there was fun all around. Next year, everyone seems to hope that the games will continue. Teacher Appreciation Week gave students and teachers a chance to show their appreciation and respect for each other despite the title, and that created an exciting week.