Sadie’s Dance 2022


Tyler Macias, Fashion Editor

The annual Sadie’s dance is coming up, so let’s talk about the details, ticket prices and more. We’ve already received so many details about the upcoming dance through our emails and school announcements, but for a reminder I will be reciprocating them here.

The 2022 Sadie’s dance will take place on February 18, 2022 from 8pm to 11pm. The poster attached to one of the emails suggests that the theme is “Alice in Wonderland” with graphics of cute plants. You can see similar posters around the school, promoting the dance. Some of the posters I’ve seen have a picture of the white rabbit, with his classic clock. There’s a lot of potential for a theme like this!

 As for tickets, tickets can be purchased with a link in student’s inboxes. Prices for these tickets range from $20-$40 with the lowest price ($20) being for students with ASB IDs. To redeem this discount you just enter your ID on the box that says “Promo Codes.” For students with normal IDs the price is $25 dollars, and for any guests the price is $40. Make sure you can 100% make it to the dance before purchasing tickets because all purchases are non-refundable.

Everyone who attends must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for the safety of our school guests and staff. Guests and students must show proof of vaccination before attending the event, like most concerts or sports games that have taken place in the past few months. Purses or backpacks will not be allowed in the dance, and masks are required indoors even if you are fully vaccinated. All of these precautions are done to keep our community safe.

So, get ready to ask your partner, friend, or crush out for this year’s annual Sadie’s Dance, and prepare for a fantastic time in wonderland. Just like Alice!