Coming Soon… AP Boot Camp!


Destiny Matson, Social Media Editor

We have a new opportunity for AP students coming soon to South El Monte High. The College Board is offering free online resources to support students in their studies during distance learning. They call it the AP Boot Camp, and it’s designed for students who will be participating in an AP exam this spring. Students will be participating in activities that encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

AP teachers will be able to cover more topics, get additional time to go over concepts, and prepare students for exams. They will be allowed to schedule a maximum of 4 hours per week. Teachers will be meeting together to discuss specific days to hold their workshops. 

Mr. Castillo, our AP Stats teacher, gave me his input on the workshops.Having AP workshops will help the student focus more on test released questions given by AP Central. Moreover reviewing, and studying after class will allow students to ask questions that they normally wouldn’t ask during class because they are shy or feel embarrassed.” Mr. Castillo went over some of his plans for the workshops, “During the AP workshops, students will focus more on specific questions, questions that do not normally review during class because we need to teach so many lessons.  Offering the extra time, the teachers can focus more on tests released by the AP Central.”

South El Monte’s AP Psychology teacher, Mr. Johnson, expressed how he feels about the boot camp. “I feel the workshops will benefit students by providing them with an opportunity to enrich their understanding of the AP concepts and curriculum. This will give students much more time to learn the material rather than relying on the shortened class time and independent time on their own.” 

The school is currently awaiting approval from the district for the AP Boot Camp. We anticipate them arriving after February 22. For more information on the AP Boot Camp, ask your AP teachers when they will be hosting theirs.