Passion for Fashion


Celeste Bucio

Celeste Bucio, recreating an outfit from Freaky Friday (2003).

Jesenia Garcia, Editor In Chief

When looking for an outlet to express yourself creatively through fashion, the Fashion Club is for you. The Fashion Club was established near the end of October 2020, with Ms. Diaz as the advisor. The club displays diversity by giving everyone the opportunity to join. Although students can’t be on campus right now, the club still actively gathers through Google Meets. The Fashion Club is the perfect way to get involved with after school activities, and satisfy your interests at the same time.

Junior, Celeste Bucio, is the president of the club. Her inspiration prior to starting the club was her future goals. “I want to attend FIDM when I graduate, and the Fashion Club is sponsored by FIDM, so that was my inspiration in creating one at SEMHS.” FIDM is the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, which sponsors fashion clubs throughout the world. Some activities the club has participated in have been theme inspired outfits, dream/vision boards, and wear or tears on the club’s Instagram stories. Celeste also shares some advice for those who are just getting into fashion, “I would say to begin to declutter your closet and then see what pieces you want to buy to complete your dream wardrobe.”

The Fashion Club has an Instagram account which is run by Celeste. She posts content along the lines of the member’s theme-inspired outfits, interactive polls, and information regarding club meetings. She expressed which theme for inspired looks was her favorite. “I think one of my favorite themes was the 2000s movie-inspired outfits.” Denim is no stranger in the Fashion Club either, Celeste shed some light on something that caught her eye. “I noticed that many of our members love denim, all sorts of pieces like jeans, shorts, and skirts.” 

 If fashion piques your interest then you should check out this club. You can learn more about some of the things they do through @semhsfashionclub, on Instagram. It’s a great way to get involved in something and learn about yourself through fashion at the same time.