Club Rush


Cassandra Flores participating in Club Rush.

Dylan Macias, Feature Editor

Club Rush, a time of year when you get to check out new clubs, and decide which ones you’d like to join. Whether it be for academic purposes, career interests, simple hobbies, or just things you might like, there is something for everyone at Club Rush. There are a variety of clubs offered at South El Monte High School. During a time like this, where we have to stay home, how can we attend clubs? What will happen during clubs? And what can people do to make these clubs seem like you’re back at school?

Club Rush started on Tuesday September 8th, 2020 up until Friday September 12th, 2020. During this time we had to do our Club Rush through Zoom and Google Meets to follow the states safety orders during COVID-19. “The way I think we will attend clubs is the same way we do for classes. Many clubs use reminders and I’m sure they’ll use it to send in links to video chat, and discuss what they can do for the year.” Camila Ortega, the Sophomore Class Vice President, responded when asked what she thinks might happen for clubs in the new school year.

 What will happen during clubs? Another student who asked not to be named, “Being in clubs will be interesting, because there isn’t much to do with this pandemic. Clubs are very limited to doing things this school year, but I will be happy to see what clubs come up with this year.”

What about making the clubs seem like you’re back at school? How do you think club members and teachers will achieve the goal of trying to make it seem like you’re back in a school classroom doing club activities? “A few things students and teachers can do this year to make it feel like a back at school activity is interact with each other. For example, things such as ice breakers and fun games to do to keep people’s minds off of the things going on in the world at the moment,” Camila responded.

Why would it be hard for students to do clubs through Google Meets?  “The clubs will be a little more complicated, since some students have trouble with Wi-Fi, it’ll be a little more difficult.” A student who attends South El Monte High School said, “Kids might not have good Wi-Fi, their house might be busy, and plenty of other things.” This could possibly be a downside to clubs during Google Meet, especially if they really want to be a part of it.

All in all, the pandemic that we are still stuck in has changed plenty of things. Our clubs were affected by COVID-19, but we are now getting back on our feet and starting clubs through Zoom meetings. There are some pros, but there are also a few cons. But if we try our best, things will go well.