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Getting to know the Women Empowerment Club

They’re smart, they’re beautiful, they’re the Women’s Empowerment Club. The Women’s Empowerment Club is a group of girls working together to improve our community. We had the honor of talking to the club advisor Ms. Frias about what they do in this club. Follow along to hear about their exciting activities and what led them to start this club.


Final Meeting 2023 (Source: @semwomensempowerment)

You might be wondering how this club even started. Well, when we got to meet Ms. Frias she said, “I went to my son’s school event and saw MAG club (men achieving greatness) then I thought where’s the girl’s one?” Upon thinking about this she asked her students what they thought. Her students thought that it would be a good idea to start a Women’s Empowerment Club for this school. In 2021, they first started having their meetings and working together. 


Now what exactly do they do? Well, they do charitable work such as food drives or clothes drives. On the other hand, they also do more relaxed activities such as movie nights, and pumpkin paintings. When we asked Ms. Frias who came up with the ideas she said, “It’s mainly the girls who are in charge. I let them come up with ideas and I’m there to help them execute them and support them.” She says this is mainly because she wants them to learn leadership skills and become more confident with themselves. Since doing that, she has seen girls grow as leaders.

One of the main reasons why they felt that they wanted to start this club is so girls can have a safe place where they can be themselves and grow as a person. Ms. Frias says, “I don’t want this club to just be a club where it’s the people who have the highest G.P.A.s or the ones that are going to college, no. I want different people to come here to talk and have fun.” As the advisor, she says she likes to look at the friendships and personalities the girls have in the club. She said that she never had a group of girls that she could bond with closely so it’s nice to see all the girls get along so well.

Club Rush 2023 (Source: Instagram @semwomensempowerment)


Since it has only been 2 years since the club started Ms. Frias wishes more for it. She wants the club to have more members. Like I mentioned earlier she wants a diverse group of girls that can all come together to make a difference. Another thing she wants to do is make the club have more of an impact on our school. Such as seeing a difference in the way our community talks and acts. Aside from that she is pleased with how the club is doing now. She enjoys all the activities that they do and one of her favorite things is when they get to watch movies together. “It’s almost like a sleepover with girls but not at the same time. But it’s a place where we can laugh and have fun without judgment.” Ms. Frias stated.  Overall she truly cares about this club and what it has brought to the school’s environment.


To conclude, The Women’s Empowerment Club is a group of amazing girls who strive to learn leadership skills and make the community a better place. They also are a club that will welcome anyone in with open arms!


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  • M

    Maria GonzalezFeb 4, 2024 at 9:19 pm

    From examining this article I have acquired knowledge about the impact the Women’s Empowerment club has had to South El Monte High School. To give you an idea the editors have stated “Well, they do charitable work such as food drives or clothes drives.” This demonstrates how the club has helped not only in South El Monte High School but in the community. The editors included this in the article to show the action these girls take to support people in need. As a result this article gives us an insight and knowledge of the Women’s Empowerment class.

  • R

    RubyJan 30, 2024 at 11:35 am

    This article taught me a lot more about the women’s empowerment club and how it’s helping our female community here at school. In the article, Jennedy Herrera and Juliette Castro Madero state, “One of the main reasons why they felt that they wanted to start this club is so girls can have a safe place where they can be themselves and grow as a person” The shows how Women’s Empowerment Club has been helping our female community become better versions of themselves. One can see from this that the women’s empowerment club works hard to make sure all their girls feel safe and loved within their community. In summary, Women’s empowerment is an amazing club and should have more recognition.