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It’s Not Halloween yet!

White base, messy hair, dramatic looks… are you trying to scare people away?

In the 80s in the United Kingdom, there was a style that was brought to life, based on its music and its ideas which is called “Goth” This style emerged from post-punk and its music helped the goth subculture build up and get artists to be part of it Bauhaus, Joy Division, and The Cure are prime examples of this. This style is about the music and its beliefs. Fashion is a way to feel free to express yourself and have fun with it, but if you want to be part of this subculture it is not obligatory to dress goth you just have to be educated on its roots and of course be interested in everything.

The Ultimate Guide to Goth, Punk and Emo Styles | Know Your Clothes | Political Fashion Blog

You might be wondering what these beliefs are and their points of view. This subculture wants acceptance and positive outcomes since other people are often seen as being a “reject” or “weird”, these morals are simple and are basic knowledge! Homophobia, racism, or just disrespect for others goes against the whole point of being goth as being a conservative is also not something that is acceptable or it goes against the entire subculture. We don’t want traditional patterns, we want changes. These beliefs have been going on for years, Although others have another opinion of this and may want to go against this or have different morals then being goth is not for you.

Let’s talk about clothing in this subculture, clothing isn’t as important as the music but people often get the idea that “you need to wear black to be goth” This is completely wrong, as I said before acceptance is key to this. Having individuality, being able to express yourself in many ways, having accessories, colors, dramatic looks, etc, even if clothing isn’t that important demonstrates a form of rebellion against conformity fear of judgment is valid but you can’t let that consume you, your clothes are the biggest way to show how you want to express yourself. Be extra, it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you.

Since we got to the clothing, how about I talk about some influences or characters that are iconic to this subculture?

The Addams family is a good representation of what goth is as we see in the movies we know that they go against the title of being “normal” or the perfect family they often get weird stares for expressing themselves differently or going against what being comfortable is but they love it and they stick to it. In the show Wednesday from 2022 we see the dance that went viral around TikTok with the song “Goo Goo Muck” by the Cramps Jenna Ortega based her choreography on 80s goth clubs. She took that inspiration and made it work pretty well! This takes me back to when being called Wednesday and Morticia was an insult since they were “spooky” or even weird but now everyone adores these characters which shows how much this style can be influenced. 

Ten Things You Might Not Know About the 1964 TV Series: The Addams Family | National Endowment for the Arts

 One of the biggest fashion influences is Elvira from the film “Elvira Mistress of the Dark”  She is a very well-known character. She’s loved by millions of people Her fashion and her aesthetic have influenced people in this subculture and has become an iconic character her dramatic looks and her love for “different” things represent this fashion style very well she’s known as spooky but beautiful.

Why Elvira Has Been a Haunting Success for Decades - Parade

Overall this fashion style has been influenced by many characters and people from this subculture get their inspiration from them, This style is honestly something I look up to since it shows how much fun you can have with your appearance or even with just music, you can make friends who share this same interest and is just a safe environment for you to be yourself. Everyone should be able to go out in whatever they want or in what they truly like and not be scared to be judged, be brave and try new things you will never know if something is truly meant for you until you try it.!



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Regina Zambrano
Hi, my name is Regina I’m a 9th grader and I would like to share some interesting facts about myself. I love rock/punk/metal etc.. Music is not the only genre I listen to but is definitely one of my favorites. I also love fashion. I like to dress up in “different aesthetics”. I find it so fun to do knowing I can look differently if I want with different clothing, this makes me happy. I have an obsession with scary movies. For example, I can tell you the whole story of the 10 movies of SAW. I love changing my hair color. I hope I can graduate from cosmetology school and start my own business. I'm also currently in the process of learning how to do nails! My favorite movie is LaLa and I could write a book about how that movie made me feel. One of my comfort bands is Pierce the Veil. I have been listening to them for a couple of years and I was lucky to get to see them two times in person. I think if you gave me the opportunity to talk about them I would not be able to be quiet, I love meeting new people!! I personally don’t think I’m that social but I will 100% make sure you feel comfortable and safe while being with me or talking to me.

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