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Ice Spice and Latto are both American rappers and have been compared to each other for most of their careers. Before 2023 the rappers had hardly ever interacted with each other. For a few months, they had thrown a subtle shade at each other, but it went bigger than when their new songs were released. This has taken social media by storm.

Ice Spices and Latto’s rumored feud has existed for a year. This all started in 2022 when Latto seemed to have a conflict with music artist Nicki Minaj, with whom Ice Spice has closely associated. While at the time their feud had only been subtle digs at each other, Ice Spice’s new release “Think You The Sh*t” confirmed the feud between the two singers. This was confirmed when Ice Spice in a Twitter Space appearance said she was taken aback when her song appeared in the back of Latto’s music video teaser. After Ice Spice released “Think You The Sh*t” on January 26th, Latto was quick to clap back and released her song  “Sunday Service” on February 9th only 14 days after Ice Spice released her song.

One of the most popular lyrics was in “Think You The Sh*t” by Ice Spice when the lyrics said “Think you the sh*t, b*tch? You’re not even the fart” which was targeted to Latto who replied with her own in her songs. She responded with “Think I’m the sh*t? B*itch, I know it, ho”. While Ice Spice sticks to the same phrase in her song to bash Latto, Latto uses another phrase. She says “Do you rap or do you tweet? ‘Cause I can’t tell, get in the booth, b*tch (b*tch)” which is referring to the tweets Ice Spice had made talking about her.   

Since this has been hotly debated I interviewed some students at South El Monte High School. The first person I interviewed was Marilyn Herrera. When I asked who side she was on she almost immediately answered that she was on Ice Spice’s side. When I asked her why she said “Well I think it was Latto who started it and I prefer Ice Spice’s music more.” I also wanted to know if she even agreed with the overall drama and if it was something worth fighting about. Marilyn said “Honestly I like Ice Spice, but I do think that this is overdramatic. It’s kind of childish actually, I mean it’s not a big deal to not know the lyrics to a song.” My other interviewee Valeria Torres also had something similar to say about this, “I prefer Latto because I like her music better, but I think it’s unnecessary. I think social media makes it seem bigger than it is.” It’s clear that people have different opinions.


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