Top 3 WORST Thanksgiving foods

Stuffing is not a favorite of everyones on Thanksgiving.

Stuffing is not a favorite of everyones on Thanksgiving.

Faith Garcia, News Editor

Finally It has come to that time of the year where trees begin to go from an abundant green to a deep brown, and the weather shifts from a sunny warmth to cold shivering days. Yes, it’s that  time of the season, Thanksgiving. We all know what comes along with thanksgiving, A HUGE FEAST. Typically there are the usual things served such as Turkey, ham, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and so on, but there are always those dishes we don’t partake in since it isn’t as appetizing as the others but are still served. We have all been there, so here are the top three worst thanksgiving foods in my opinion. 

First and foremost, let’s begin with what I believe can be the most unnecessary side dish, stuffing. You either hate stuffing or love stuffing, no in between. Initially stuffing was created to stuff foods other than Turkeys such as bread, vegetables, and poultry. The making of stuffing is of a variety of several ingredients, but c’mon stuffing a turkey with unnecessary ingredients? Turkey itself is alright but an addition of stuffing adds nothing. In my opinion stuffing doesn’t benefit the turkey in any way nor make it taste better. Once again this is my opinion so those of you out there that enjoy any of these three dishes mentioned, keep enjoying them!

 Secondly, cranberry sauce. Usually this sauce is used as an add-on with your choice of meat. In this case, Turkey and ham would be the options but it is something I never once thought of combining with cranberry sauce. Typically cranberry sauce can be homemade, but during our thanksgiving family dinner it comes from a can. Which makes it more unappealing since you never really know where that red jello jiggly junk really originated from. Plus, I never knew cranberries can even form into a sauce, so when I saw it at the dinner table I questioned the importance of it, but yes people do enjoy eating it with their meat. No shame here, everyone enjoys their own preference but personally I refrain from indulging it. 

Lastly, deviled eggs. My Mother prepares deviled eggs for thanksgiving, but the combination of it terrified me since I never once thought radish and boiled eggs were an appetizer. Deviled eggs are all made and combined differently. Some can be filled with mayonnaise and others with custard. I usually see adults of the family enjoy deviled eggs, unfortunately for me it never seemed tasty. Impressed if others enjoy it if I’m being honest, but a hard pass from me. Enjoy the feast even if the bad and good dishes are served!