Sneaker Culture Domination


Evan Malachosky

Photo by Gear Patrol

David Renteria, Sports Editor

It’s the beginning of a new year and sneaker culture still continues to be one of the biggest fashion trends in the world. A numerous number of people outside and inside South El Monte participate in these shoe trends. The satisfaction of buying and wearing brand new shoes is something everyone likes to feel, no matter what kind of shoes they are. “It’s kind of addicting to get these high brand shoes,” Isaac Vargas, class of ‘25 states.

Most of us know that shoes like Air Jordans are expensive, and most people don’t have the right amount of money to afford them, that’s why Isaac explained how buying replicas of the shoes saves you a ton of money. “That’s the way to go,” Isaac said regarding how students can save money when buying replica shoes. Replica shoes are basically imitations of the actual shoes, but created in different factories.
People understand that shoes can be pricey, therefore some dedicate themselves by working to buy and wear shoes. “I work to have hundreds of shoes, in other words, I like to show off what I work for,” commented Daniel Ramirez ‘25. “I like that lifestyle to be in nice clothes.” When people have an interest in buying shoes, there’s always an origin. Whether this interest comes from close companions or the media, people find their inspiration through them.

“Seeing my brother have a lot of shoes… they started catching my attention,” Daniel Ramirez ‘25 revealed. “I was browsing Reddit one day,” Isaac ‘25 mentioned, “I saw that people were selling  replica shoes. I can get these hype shoes for way less.” Lena Waithe, an American actress, states that her first pair of Air Jordan 12s to her represents Michael Jordan and her love for sneakers. Shoes have been an influence to a lot of people in the fashion world and does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. As people continue to buy shoes, the sneaker culture will continue to be a significant factor in the fashion and style of students at South El Monte High School.