OBX Fashion


Samantha Perez, News Editor

When it comes to Outerbancks, which is one of Netflix’s most popular shows also known as OBX, there is so much to talk about, especially fashion. Outerbanks is a show that first aired in 2020, and it has taken the fashion industry by storm. Every time the show comes out many people start to try to copy the style and fashion. The clothes consist of bandanas, bathing suit tops with shorts, drop arm tanks, bright-colored clothing, formal wear, and more.

This trend has been going on for the past 4 years and never fails to make a comeback. Many people love the fashion because as the hot weather comes in the clothes definitely keep one cool. Not to mention it is extremely flattering to wear. One preferred outfit in outer banks is the bathing suit top with shorts, and a simple long-sleeve button-up. Someone who likes the OBX fashion is Ashley Vazquez, 24’. She specifically likes how the clothing is very evocative of summer vibes. When interviewing Ashley she said, “The fashion from outer banks is very summer-like clothing…It gives me summer vibes at the beach.”  Another upside to the clothing is that with the bathing suit top already on, one can go from hanging around on the pier with their friends, to surfing gnarly waves at the beach. 

Someone else who loves the fashion is Ayleen Maravilla, 26’. After speaking with her she said, “I love how the fashion is very versatile and goes with everything. It can go from very fancy to swimming in the lake.” When it comes to OBX, the scenes can go from literally just swimming in the lake, to going to a country club gala. One of the most popular gala outfits is Kiara’s draped detailed purple satin dress. This is one of the most iconic outfits of the show because Kiara is known to dress like a Pouge (Poge), the people in the show who dress more for the ocean waves, versus dressing like a Kook, the formal-wearing tribe. 

OBX isn’t a show that only has fashion for women, but also for men. The most popular outfits for men are the drop arm shirt with shorts, or the button-up shirt, worn open, with shorts and sneakers. Aidan Chavez, 24,’ is very into the shorts aspect of the outfits. He expressed, “I love the shorts because, in the show, most everyone wears swim trunks. So for me, this is perfect because I can go from hanging around to heading to the beach to go surfing.” Someone else who loves the clothes is Viktor Guitierrez, 24’. When talking to him about his opinion on the OBX fashion he stated, “The beach like outfits seem comfortable and can be worn for any occasion.” Once again OBX fashions for the win when it comes to versatility. 

After getting people’s opinions on the OBX fashion, one can draw the conclusion that the clothes are a 10/10. I myself do love to wear the OBX fashion, especially in the summer. The free flowing and casual nature go perfectly for any occasion. I wear this type of clothing when at a family event, going to the beach, or just hanging out with my friends. The best part is that the fashion isn’t just beachwear, but also formal. It has plenty of style for everyone, and puts comfort first. OBX truly has it all.