Faith Garcia’s Spin on “Alternative”

Faith Garcias Spin on Alternative

Beyonce Parra-Javier, South side


This is Faith Garcia whose style is according to her, “lazy” or alternative.  She believes that she doesn’t have a sense of style. Faith wears whatever she sees first. It’s important to Faith that she sticks to her aesthetic which ranges from the colors black and brown. “I typically don’t copy any style online. I just wake up and get ready so my clothes are at random but I do have a preference. No bright colors,” shared Faith. 


She feels most comfortable when her clothes are loose-fitting. Faith doesn’t care about what people think about the way she dresses. Some students however, approach her just to compliment her outfits.


 An important piece of Faith’s style is her shoes. Her favorite brand is Converse. Her favorite Converses are the “Chuck Talyor All Star High Tops” because they are comfortable.  She will dress the same, no matter what even if she goes to a friend’s house or goes shopping. However, she will dress more formally when she goes to a party. For instance, she will wear a dress, do a full face of makeup, and even wear her hair up, which she doesn’t do often.


When she dresses for school her shirts are mostly from shows and bands. Her shirts are usually long sleeves. So her shirts are from alternative bands from the 90s and early 2000s.