SEMHS Pink Week Honors Those Affected by Breast Cancer

Janira Hernandez, Photography editor

Monday, October 4th, 2021 marked the beginning of the spirit week for pink ribbon week/breast cancer awareness week, here at South El Monte High School. Pink Ribbon Week’s significance is that it honors the people who have fallen ill or passed away from breast cancer. To many, this week stood for bravery, honor, and even mourning in a healthy manner. Students showed their pride by participating in spirit week to commemorate the purposeful meaning of pink ribbon week. The spirit days from Monday-Friday are: Fight Off Cancer (wear workout clothes), Sock it to Cancer (Rock Your Pink Socks), On Wednesday We Wear Pink (wear the brand PINK), Style it out (wear pink accessories), Pink Out!! (dress from head to toe in pink).

At the beginning of the week, many students seemed eager for spirit week to begin. Monday, the first spirit day included wearing workout gear, there were many who joined keeping up with the remaining spirit days. Shirts which were designed by Mr. Escamilla and Senior, Michelle Martinez were also distributed throughout this week. These shirts honored breast cancer awareness week with a motto on the front of the t-shirt that reads “fight like eagles.” The shirts were sold in honor of those who have passed away from breast cancer. The earnings from the shirts go toward scholarships for South El Monte High School seniors. In total there were about 1,200 shirts sold. Students showed their respect by wearing the t-shirts at the end of the week, on Friday to remember those who passed. 

Throughout the week, students and teachers took part in the spirit days. “(SEMHS) has made the spirit week atmosphere the most welcoming experience because the whole school comes together as a whole to fight and support the main causes.” says Martha Ramirez, a SEMHS student and spirit week contributor. “ I participate in spirit week to promote the cause, and try to make school a safe space…” she adds. The avid involvement of the students exemplifies the bonds students have within the school. It signifies the idea that students feel secure and comfortable being themselves in the school environment. Spirit weeks occur frequently throughout the school year and the ones in charge of planning these events is ASB. ASB is the associated student body here at SEMHS. They take the time to plan out fun school events such as the pink ribbon spirit week. 

With this said, pink ribbon week has displayed the school’s abundant enthusiasm. Activities like these allow for one to adjust to the school conditions and make new memories. The main incentive for pink ribbon week made it apparent how even the most unfortunate circumstances can integrate and bring a sense of optimism to scholars. It is evident that spirit week ended in an inspiring form. Hopefully, future spirit weeks maintain the feeling of eagerness when it comes to involvement.