New Year Goals To Keep You On Track

Sofia Alvarez, News Editor

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As we end 2019 and kick off the new year in 2020, SEMHS also begins a new semester for students to have a fresh start in their classes.  Most people go by the same saying which is “New year new me” which ultimately means people change their habits and create resolutions to better themselves for the new year. Starting a new year usually pressures people more to make changes because they don’t want to keep the same bad habits they did the year before. 

New year resolutions aren’t only for academic purposes, but these can be used for your personal life and outside work as well. As students begin the second semester, they created new year resolutions for their lives as well. Some students have created goals such as studying more, participating in class, and overall trying to get better grades for a higher GPA. Students claim that “Starting a new year helps me self discipline myself because how you do at the beginning of the year will overall affect how the rest of your year goes.” 

  For students who made new resolutions for their personal life, such as hanging out with friends more, working out, and eating better. Improving your personal life is a key to success in school as well so setting goals to make yourself better will improve how you do in school. Other students make it a goal to get a job for the new year which is also a good way to set a new goal. What goals have you set for yourself in 2020? How will you improve the way you live your life?