Alejandra Kicks Off Senior Year With New Beginnings


Photo by Betty Sanchez/ Eagles Nest

Sofia Alvarez, News Editor

As we kick off the new school year with new students and activities, we have to recognize some of our seniors. One of the seniors we are recognizing is Alejandra Sanchez.  Alejandra has been at our school for four years and has been very involved in school which gives her a great advantage to inside of school life. 

As a freshman, Alejandra was made a varsity player for the school’s girls volleyball team. She gained the position of middle blocker and has since been playing that position. Although playing may not be the easiest to do, Ale was able to make it with “A good mindset and staying positive,” she says. Not only did she make the varsity  volleyball team, but she also made it into the school’s varsity girls soccer team her freshman year as well and has also been the goal keeper since. 

Being a part of many extra curricular activities may look tough, but Ale makes it look like a breeze. Not only does she participate in these physical activities, she also goes to tutoring to help her fellow classmates if they need help.  Although these are a lot of things to be involved in, Alejandra says they’ve helped her. Soccer has helped her because she states,“ It’s an escape from all the essays and classwork but it still shows me hard work is important.” Ale also explains how making time for herself is a key role in her success. 

Some of the things Ale likes to do on her freetime is hanging out with friends and listening to her favorite music. Alejandra explains how hanging out with her friends helps her relax and make wonderful memories. Some of the things her and her friends do is go to eat at local places, watch movies, and going out to the mall.  Alejandra also says how spending time with her family is something else she likes to do in her free time. She especially likes spending time with her mom who supports her with all aspects of life. 

Alejandra also grew up with two older sisters, making her the youngest.  She says having older siblings has also given her role models to look up to which have helped her through her high school journey. One way her older sister has inspired her was by helping her make the decision to join the soccer team. Ale also explains how “Growing up, I always saw my older sister traveling around the world like a stud to play soccer, and I didn’t really become interested in sports until I was 9, which was when I then decided to play softball.” This gave Alejandra the determination to also set her own goals and dreams for the future.

Although Ale has had three good years, she has had to face many challenges in her way. Some of the challenges Alejandra has faced was turning in work, changing her study habits and overall becoming a better person for herself. Alejandra explains how noticing your mistakes is the only way you can improve to do better. Some of the things she started doing differently was studying more and changing how she uses her time. Ale’s “Key to success” are staying organized and planning your time correctly. 

Ale also hopes that the incoming freshman girls take some of her advice about taking high school seriously and making sure your priorities are in the right order so they can succeed by their senior year.  Alejandra also gives credit to others for her success because “Without people pushing you to do better you might settle.” Some of the people she’d like to thank is Mr. Griffith for always being there for Ale whenever she needed help on anything even non-school related issues. Other people she would like to thank are her soccer coaches Luz Casas, Alex Rosales, and Hugo. “These people have helped me so much through my high school soccer career and they always push me to do better, not only in soccer but in my classes as well and I’m overall really grateful to have them as coaches”.