Meet Ms. Aparicio


Uriel Martinez, Sports Editor

Ms. Aparicio, a history teacher here at South El Monte High School, who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to be properly introduced, gave the Eagle’s Nest the time of day to share some information about herself and got in-depth about her teaching career.

Ms. Aparicio shared how she was initially motivated to pursue her career in teaching, “So it was amazing, teachers that I had in my life they always motivated me to do better, and my history teachers were the most fun, they made coming to school exciting.” She later added, “When I was in college, history was one of my favorite subjects, and I also volunteered at an Epiphany church, but I also enjoyed working with students who came from a disadvantaged background, and I wanted to give back to my community.”

When asked what continues to motivate her to continue teaching she said, “Building relationships with students, being a mentor to them, and sharing my experiences with them, these are things I didn’t have and I wish I had growing up, like having a mentor.” She continued by adding “Another reason is, teaching students to enjoy learning and appreciate the time they have in high school.” 

Ms. Aparicio enjoys spending time outdoors, taking her furry friend on hikes, and exploring the wilderness on horseback, she also said “ Dancing is another passion of mine, especially Norteñas, which I have experience teaching. On the weekends, I like to unwind by swimming or just relaxing.”

When I asked her what advice she would give to students who are uncertain about what to do after high school, she replied with a smile, “I believe that the next step is all about self-discovery. Students should try to find what they enjoy, what they are passionate about, and ultimately how they want to create a life they will enjoy.” She continued, “It’s important to remember that change is not something to be afraid of, Enjoy every step of the process and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And if you can, don’t be afraid to leave your hometown and travel.”

Ms. Aparicio wants students to learn about themselves and get out there in the world. And if you have the opportunity, to travel and explore new places, it can broaden your horizons and give you fresh perspectives.