Getting to know Daisy Ayala


Pictured, senior Daisy Ayala playing the flute.

Beyonce Parra-Javier, South Side Editor

 Daisy Ayala is currently a senior at South El Monte High School. Daisy is a highly active student who is involved with wrestling, softball, and band. She is 18 years old, has curly brown hair, and wears glasses. 

      Daisy had joined wrestling because of her older sister Jazmin who was also in wrestling. Jazmin was pushing her to join wrestling because she wasn’t doing anything during the winter season, so she decided to try it and it turned out to be enjoyable for her so she stuck with it. “So technically I wasn’t forced to, it was my choice. She was like trying to encourage me and in the beginning I was like I didn’t want to do it, but i noticed I wasn’t doing anything during that time, so I said might as well do it to keep myself busy,” Daisy stated. When asked about the most challenging aspect of wrestling, Daisy stated, “The hardest part about wrestling would be getting over your fears that other people look stronger than you, because sometimes the mental block tells you no.” She is still wrestling but she’s going to other practices for a few minutes because she still has softball to attend. Daisy’s role models are her parents because they’re always telling her to do what she loves, and to always pursue what she wants to do, even if it’s the hardest thing she’s ever done, and to always stick with it because the results will show. In her free time she likes to draw, paint, and crochet. She also wants to do a lot of puzzles. 

  Daisy was asked what does it mean to understand something? “To understand something inside out, know what you’re getting into. At least the basics, and if you don’t know that, at least ask to understand it a bit better.” Some people know a lot about her and other people don’t. Her goal before graduating high school was to have fun at school events and to make the best of it. There’s nothing she will change about her life. She’s pretty happy with who she is. What she said about students who are interested in wrestling is go for it. It’s a way to get out your anger without being blamed.

Another activity Daisy participates in is the school band. Daisy is playing three instruments: the flute, the piccolo which is the smallest version of a flute, and the bass drum. Daisy started playing the flute in the 4th grade. “I tried playing piano, but I didn’t start lessons because of the financial situation.” Daisy shared when it comes to competitive sports like wrestling, it is best not to dwell on the anxiety and/or fear of the situation.  “It’s fun, it’s only scary if you think about it. Nobody is going to look at you until the tournaments.”

Daisy is going to college next year to study architecture. She’s between two colleges but is leaning more towards Cal Poly Pomona. She’s going to any that gives her the most money to avoid going into debt. She is planning to participate in sports in college, and that would be volleyball or wrestling. Daisy Ayala is an accomplished student athlete who is able to balance school work, sports, and band responsibilities. Daisy encourages students to not allow fear to get in the way of their goals or opportunities to learn new skills.