Motivated Student Athlete Strives For Success

Merlisse Palacios, Features Editor

As we begin another school year here at South El Monte High School, we would like to recognize this months senior celebrity Max Jimenez. Max is a student athlete for South El Monte High School. His day ranges from working hard as a student throughout the day, to running around on the football field during the afternoon.

Max has been a student at South since freshman year. This will be his fourth year attending the school. According to Max, the environment at South El Monte High School is relaxing. He doesn’t mind coming to school and thinks the teachers are cool. Academically Max has a GPA of approximately 3.00.

Max faces his fair share of challenges too. Although he is doing fine in all his classes he does find math challenging. This however does not stop him from doing his best. Max attends tutoring when he feels the need for extra help. One of Max’s top priorities at SEMHS is playing football. Max has played for South El Monte High School for four years now. He enjoys playing on the field as varsity’s wide receiver alongside his friends. Although this will be his last year playing football, he hopes to play in the future.

Throughout the years Max has been growing, not just as a student, but as an athlete. He is now a varsity captain of South El Monte High School. Max claims, “…well it is a privilege to be one of the Varsity football captains because I was not expecting the news. It’s crazy how I was playing JV not too long ago and now I’m captain.”

During Max’s free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. After high school Max is planning to attend Cal State LA. Currently he is looking into becoming a P.E teacher, but is still not sure if that is the right path for him. Before he decided he wanted to become a P.E teacher he was also thinking of becoming a sports therapist. He likes the idea of working with others and helping people care for themselves.

Although his first option of where to attend college is Cal State LA, Max’s second option is Mt. San Antonio College. He likes Mt. San Antonio college because it is closer than Cal State LA. Max states, “Going to Cal State LA would be a great experience but I would have to dorm. That’s why I think Mt. Sac is the best option right now.”

According to Max, his motivation to continue school is to make his mom proud. He claims, “I try my best for my self of course, but also for my mom who is the hardest working mother I know. She has sacrificed so much for me and my siblings that dropping out of school would be very disappointing to her.” Max explains how sometimes going to school is tough, but seeing his mom work hard makes him realize he has to stop complaining.

Therefore Max wants to thank his mom, Alex Diaz, Eddie Barrales, and Ms. Paz for the support and love throughout his high school career. In addition, he is thankful for his football family and coaches that have been there since his freshman year.