Senior Forecast 2022


Zulema Martinez, Fashion Editor, Photography

The Class of 22′ prepares for the future as the academic year draws to a conclusion. Seniors are starting to consider what jobs they want to pursue in the future. They may have had a different experience than other classes because this is one of the classes that had distant learning during high school. Regardless, the pandemic has impacted the Class of 2022’s future. Senior year has been a rollercoaster, but nonetheless the class has persisted. 

Some students have a specific memory of when they realized they wanted to pursue a specific career. For some, it might have been during the pandemic, for others it might have been while doing a project for a class. For Senior Aney Tovar, who will be majoring in Child Development, “I’ve always wanted to work with kids and I recently saw Pre-school or younger teachers and made me want to become a teacher more.” Jessica Michel, who has great memories of her school days and whose present job aim is education, is in the same position,  “Being impacted by many of my teachers and noticed how they help kids in many ways, made me realized that I wanted to help make a difference in young lives by sharing my experiences and teaching them how to create their own future.” 

Teachers and classmates have greatly impacted the Senior class’s life during the last four years. Teachers create a secure space for students to express themselves and inspire them to reach their greatest potential. Janira Hernandez, who will be attending La Verne University, shared how one of her teachers impacted her decision, “I feel like some teachers definitely guided my decision to attend college. Mr. Lopez, the Spanish teacher has been really supportive and has offered some great advice in general when it comes to academics and life as a whole.” For some it wasn’t just teachers, it was friends as well. During the steady return to in-person classes in 2021, sometimes friends can be the ones who guide you in the right direction. Justine Munoz, who will be attending Cal Poly Pomona, says, “Daijah Mirano and Kaylin Villa definitely helped me throughout my high school career, without them I don’t know what I would’ve done.” 

Some Seniors may reflect on their Freshman year and wish they could go back in time and make better decisions or provide advice to their younger selves. As Graduation approaches closer, one might realize they took the days for granted. Blanca Castaneda, who will be attending Fresno State, said, “Have fun. Yes, focus on your studies always, but also don’t center yourself around school and school work. Go out to that party, hang out with your friends, do those spontaneous things you have always thought about…” Owen Morales, whose current career goal is an Entrepreneur (CEO), “…enjoy these four years because they do genuinely go by so fast. Surround yourself with people that want to do good in school. Go to as many school events as you can. Always respect your teachers, school staff,  and peers. Don’t procrastinate.” With that being said, good luck to the incoming freshmen, and congratulations to the graduating class.