New Director of Student Affairs: Mr. Castillo


David Renteria, Sports Editor

Lights. Camera. Acción! Introducing South El Monte High School’s new activities director: Oscar Castillo! Before he took on the role of Director of Student Affairs, he was a math teacher. “I love teaching math,” said Mr. Castillo, “I went to college to be a math teacher, not a coach or athletics director or director of student affairs.” He claimed that he didn’t plan to become activities director.

In case people don’t know what an activities director is, they are the ones who sign liability forms, organize events like prom, events etc. It’s a lot of pressure to become an activities director and handle all of these significant responsibilities. They are in charge of the students who attend events they organize. Activity directors assist in the planning, coordinating, and supervision of various activities for the school like dances, sporting events, fundraisers, and other school wide productions. They have to raise money to produce events and buy supplies, as well as help ASB students set up props and equipment.

Another primary responsibility of the Activities Director is the issue of safety. They have to guarantee the safety of students and others who show up to these events. The activities director has to make sure that students are being supervised at all times during events or whatever the occasion is. “The biggest challenge is depending on other people, because I have about 43 students, and I have to make sure that they are committed,” stated Mr. Castillo.

While it is Mr. Castillo’s job to organize events, ASB students also collaborate with him to help manage special occasions. “I love working with the ASB students… they are really the heart and soul of the school.” Mr. Castillo and his ASB students put in hard work to perfect these events and activities so students can have fun and make the best of their high school experience.

“The best advice that I would give everybody that wants to join ASB is you need to have a lot of commitment, discipline. It will give you really good leadership skills.” Mr. Castillo provides a lot of lessons to his ASB students, like concrete resolution, time management, skills that help the students when they go to college.