Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Sweeps Arroyo

Andrew Medina, Sports Editor

On Wednesday September 8th, our girl’s Varsity Volleyball team had a home game against Arroyo High School at 3:15 p.m. They had been preparing for this game the entire week by putting in many hours of practice and hard work. It seemed all the Lady Eagles were ready and eager to go out and beat Arroyo. Before the game even started, the Lady Eagles had much more energy, were loud, and looked like the better team overall as they were hyped up and ready to play. 

South El Monte had a dominating performance throughout the entire match as they would eventually come out with a 3-0 win. They started off very strong in the 1st set with a commanding 15-5 lead. As the set went on however, the opposing team started working together and finally got some points up on the board. Unfortunately for Arroyo, our Lady Eagles were too powerful to stop as they continued to dominate and win the 1st set with a final score of 25-8.

 The 2nd set was an interesting one to say the least. There were multiple great rallies that filled the entire gymnasium with lots of positive energy. 

June Cardenas (#24), a junior, had multiple amazing saves to keep the rallies going in the 2nd set which gave the Lady Eagles energy and motivation to keep fighting and win the 2nd set. She proved to everyone that she truly was an amazing libero as she was making diving plays left and right to keep the momentum on South El Monte’s side. 

Another player that stood out during the 2nd set was Daisy Ayala (#15), a junior, who had amazing serves for South El Monte. She provided the Lady Eagles with most of their points via her serves. Her serves proved to be crucial as they went on to win the 2nd set 25-17 as they stopped Arroyo from making yet again another comeback late into the set.

 The 3rd set was nothing like the 1st or 2nd set however as it started off very slowly for both teams. South El Monte found themselves down to start the 3rd set, but they would quickly get back in sync and take the lead back from Arroyo. After going back and forth for most of the 3rd set, the Lady Eagles finally kicked it back into high gear by winning the 3rd set with a score of 25-17 to complete the 3-0 sweep of Arroyo High School. After 3 long sets, all the sweat, mistakes, and joyful moments paid off as the Lady Eagles came out victorious!