Boys Baseball Hits a Home Run to Victory


Samantha Perez, News Editor

Boys’ Baseball had a game on Wednesday, March 8th, with a beautiful win. They went up against Azusa High school and came out with a score of 6 to 0. This was the Eagles’ 2nd win of the preseason, and frankly the easiest one. They definitely played their hearts out and let the scoreboard do all of the talking. 

As the Azusa baseball team went up to bat pitcher Andrew Medina, struck the batters out one after another. Andrew came out with a total of 7 strikeouts throughout the game. Medina completed an ultimate shutout. He pitched the entire game and blocked every opportunity of letting their opponents score. Those watching were able to see the swiftness and flawlessness of his arm rotating as Andrew Medina was making the pitch.

Another outstanding player was Matthew Medina. He had completed 3 hits, 3 ABs, and 1 RBI. An AB means at-bat and an RBI is a run batted-in. Matthew sped through the bases, completed an impressive run, and scored. Matthew said, “I think I did pretty well and was able to get out of my slump. My approach was on point, and I was finally able to see the ball from the pitcher’s stand.” After making the run the umpire was skeptical at first as to whether or not Matthew was safe or out. After pondering for a good minute, he called him safe. 

During the game, there weren’t many problems that the boys weren’t able to overcome. The Eagles kept their cool and were able to use what they learned at practice to help win the game. When Christian Ortega went up to bat, he bunted the ball so that Matthew Medina would be able to make the run to home. Even though Chris himself got out, he took one for the team. When the Eagles were on the field, a ball was hit to left field, and Christian Ortega was able to make an easy catch. Ortega used his sharp vision just like an Eagle, to effortlessly swoop the ball from the air into his glove.  

The immaculate boys Matthew Medina 25’, Gabriel Rincon 24’, and D’Angelo Huerta 23,’ completed astonishing runs. Matthew Medina was running then slid to home base, and the umpire called him safe. Gabriel Rincon was able to have a more easy home where no sliding was needed. Still an amazing run for the Eagles. 

As Azusa was hitting the balls towards outfield, the Eagles would make sure to stay under the ball and make the catch. Whether they were catching the ball and getting the batter out, or catching and then throwing to one of the bases, the Azusa boys were getting out. 

Overall, the game was definitely in the Eagles’ favor. There were no real challenges they had to overcome that day, and with Andrew Medina pitching, there was no player he couldn’t strike out. Christian Ortega said, “Overall, I thought we did very well. We came into the game eager to win. Our confidence was high and our offense was doing what they had to do like swinging the bat and bringing in the runs. The defense was on point making great plays and getting out overall as a team. I thought we did very well and to keep getting after it.” Well said, Christian. Everything in this is true to the dot. The eagles definitely made an impactful win and the scoreboard is there to testify.