2023 Mission Valley League Prelims


Michael Valencia, Sports Editor

On April 25, 2023 Rosemead High School hosted the Mission Valley League Prelims. South El Monte track athletes had been working hard all season to make it to prelims, about 14 athletes from South El Monte made it. The schools who were participating at the MVL Prelims included Mountain View, Gabrielino, Arroyo, Marshal, Rosemead, El Monte, and South El Monte. The athletes who participated in Prelims were all fighting for a chance to make it to the MVL finals which would also take place at Rosemead High School on April 28, 2023.

Dylan Munoz, a junior , was one of the athletes from South El Monte that made it to prelims. He was participating in the pole vault event along with sophomore Roderick Martinez and junior Martin Julius. After asking Munoz how he feels he did this track season he said, “I feel I did decent this track season being it my first time doing track I feel okay about this season,” and “I feel I have improved from the beginning with pole vaulting as well as sprints got faster times mostly every track meet and began to clear around 8 ft pole vaulting.”  He had this to say about his performances at Prelims, “I feel I did okay in prelims because of how close I got to clearing the height, but what I need to improve on is running full speed and not being scared of getting hurt.” 

Ariana Sarabia, a Junior, was the only female hurdler to make it to Prelims from South El Monte this 2023 season. She had a very good track season breaking most of her personal records at almost every track meet. She placed 2nd at the MVL prelims and later went on to make it to the CIF finals. After asking her thoughts about how she did this track season, she said, “This year’s track season was my first time joining, and felt like I did pretty well due to the outcome of every race.” When asked about how she did during prelims she said, “During prelims I felt like it wasn’t the best, and to fix that I feel I could’ve warmed up better and been more serious about it.” Her motivation throughout the season was wanting to prove to people that she can make it far in track.

Some other events that took place at the 2023 MVL prelims were shot put and discus throw. Nathan Palafox, a senior for the South El Monte track team, made it for these two events. He was very determined this season due to it being his last season. After asking him how he feels he could’ve done better this track season, this is what he said, “I feel I should have stayed more focused and put everything I had into it.” He did feel he improved heavily though from where he had started. He said he feels this was an amazing season and he really enjoyed it as his last track season at South El Monte. 

The other athletes who participated at the MVL prelims for South El Monte did well and all put their best efforts into placing. Although the outcomes may not have been what they were hoping for, there is still next season to work hard and make it to the prelims again.