Blow Out Victory For JV Eagles Softball Team


Michael Valencia, Sports Editor

On Friday March 17th the South El Monte JV softball team was getting ready to face off against the Rosemead Panthers in their first League game. The Lady Eagles were looking very energetic and eager to play during their pre game warm-ups, and it showed throughout the game with South El Monte winning 13-1 ending the game in 4 innings. “I felt good during the warm ups I was hyped… I did feel ready,” said Leila Aguilar, the sophomore pitcher for the Lady Eagles. 

The game started at around 3:15 with Rosemead going out first to bat. Leila Aguilar was out first to pitch for South El Monte. She started off a little off due to an injury to her shoulder from the previous game. She started the game by walking the first and second Rosemead batters, but ended strong striking out three batters. The Lady Eagles then came out to bat and this is when the game got interesting. Rosemead’s pitcher was not pitching very well, walking South El Monte’s first batter who was freshman Elisa Estrada. This kept up for the first inning resulting in 2 walk off home runs. One of South El Monte’s batters hit a double resulting in another score for the Lady Eagles. The inning ended with all of South El Monte’s batting line up scoring resulting in a score of 9-0.

The second inning was not very different for the Rosemead Panthers. Rosemead came out to bat and it was looking fairly good for them; they had 2 runners on first and second base. South El Monte’s pitcher Leila stepped it up though not letting up any runs after this, striking out all of the batters from Rosemead. The Eagles went out to bat and didn’t do as well as they did in the first inning having their first two batters getting to first and second base, but not able to do anything after that due to the rest of their batters getting struck out. This ended the second inning with neither one of the two teams scoring. 

In the third inning Rosemead finally scored due to a mistake by the Lady Eagles. The first batter for Rosemead in that inning came out and hit a double leaving her on second base. The next Rosemead batter went up to bat and hit a line drive giving the Rosemead runner on second base enough time to score making the score 9-1. South El Monte came back from this with one of South El Monte’s batters hitting a single, and then stole second base right after that. Elisa Estrada was up to bat again and hit another line drive that gave enough time for the runner on second base to make it to home plate for another South El Monte homerun. Elisa Estrada also scored again after stealing home from third base. The rest of South El Monte’s batters were struck out ending the third inning with the score 11-1. 

During the fourth inning Rosemead started to look lost and defeated already. Rosemead was coming up to bat and just like previously in the game Leila Aguilar was throwing great pitches not giving up only one run that inning and striking out all of the three other Rosemead batters. South El Monte scored another 2 runs this inning due to more walk-offs. The game ended in the 4th inning due to the mercy rule that is in place with the score being 13-1.

I spoke with a few of the South El Monte players about how they did during the game, and this is what they had to say. “I think the team performed well, and we improved as we go each and every game,” and “I think I could have done better with my batting…” said Elisa Estrada. “I did expect the game to end with a win because we were mostly in a good mood throughout the game…” said sophomore Natalie Ramirez.