Almuni Spotlight: Arleth Godina gives insight on running a successful small business


Photo by Arleth Godina

Arleth Godina SEMHS alumna- Business Owner

Janira Hernandez, Photo Editor

Former South El Monte High School student now alumna, Arleth Godina, recently started her own jewelry business: Hola Chica Accessories. Arleth Godina sells jewelry that ranges from 50 cents to 14 dollars per item. She sells necklaces, rings, pins, and more. After January 15, 2021, bucket hats will be available at her site for sale as well. I was given the chance to interview Miss Godina to gain insight on what it means and takes to run a successful business at a young age.

Arleth Godina says that when it comes to having a business, there are “ many different aspects” to small businesses. She mentioned she had never learned how to create things for the business such as a website, and how to target her products towards certain audiences. To this she added that she “was able to read many articles and take advice from creators with their own business.” Godina said that most times during the process of starting her shop she had to be her biggest supporter. She stated, “I had to believe in myself otherwise I wouldn’t have my small business today.”  Godina also added that, “my cousin Andrea, my boyfriend Adrian, my best friend Betty, and my parents” were supportive during this process by providing feedback and opinions. Along with being an entrepreneur, a lot of life lessons and experiences are brought to successful shop owners. 

The experience of becoming an entrepreneur helped Arleth learn about things such as “taxes, marketing, the whole e-commerce industry, managing money, promoting products, selling them and so many other things.”  Godina added, “Creating this business has connected me with many other small businesses and people.” She then made it known she would like to get a degree in business or marketing. The advice Godina would give to other people who are her age, and want to be their own boss is to “Just go for it.” As the owner of Hola Chica Accessories she said, “The hardest part is starting, but once you have an idea of your products or services, all you have to do is make a business plan.. After that,  everything will come together.” To her, the most important thing is to not be scared of failure. Godina mentioned that she tends to want to add uniqueness/variety to what she stocks in her online shop. Due to the competitive nature of the business Godina stated, “It’s hard to sell something that isn’t already being sold,” and that being that one unique business will really set you apart. 

Lastly, Godina would “like to thank all the people who support Hola Chica Accessories.” She immensely appreciates the support of everyone who supports Hola Chica Accessories. If you would like to support Arleth Godina’s shop click this link; . You can find Hola Chica Accessories on instagram @holachicaaccessories.