The Wanderlust Newcomer


Betty Sanchez

Junior, Emiliano Torres has a passion for traveling.

Janae Morales, South Side Editor

Junior Emiliano Torres arrived at our school just this year and quickly became someone people knew about, whether it be through him being captain of the soccer team, or his schooling in Italy. He is someone who loves to travel as he has been to many different parts of the world and has experienced many different cultures. He mentions traveling “opens your mind to viewing things differently… and allows you to have different perspectives of what life should or shouldn’t be. As you can see Emiliano is someone who is open to  experiencing new things and going on adventures anywhere in the world. 

Emiliano’s schooling in Italy has allowed him to envision what he wants his life to be like in the future. He says his goal is to “be an architect in Italy” in order to build his dream home, he even began looking up some schools that could potentially be part of his future. He does realize that in order to achieve those goals he must focus on the academic aspect of school and meet all the requirements in order for him to graduate and attend one of those dream schools in Italy. Italy has also allowed him to become trilingual since he can fluently speak English, Spanish, and Italian. He also mentions Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland as being one of the coolest places he’s ever been to since “he wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful… and it had some of the kindest people he’s ever met.”

Role models are very important to Emiliano especially since his dad is his greatest inspiration and role model. He likes when he is compared to him because he “ knows people see him as someone who is wise and experienced,” it is his greatest compliment. In Italy he participated in a position where he was considered a role model since he would teach kindergarteners how to read, write, and speak English. This is not the only leadership role he has participated in since he is also captain of the SEMHS soccer team. He believes he is someone who people could learn something from since he is such a people person. Another activity he likes to participate in outside of school is ping pong since it helps him relieve stress and is not as competitive as other sports. 

Emiliano is a person of character who values sincerity, honesty, and genuineness. His travels, education, and experiences have helped shape him into the person he is today. Wanderlust might be Emiliano’s middle name because he has lived that kind of life, and he is just getting started.