Nightmare on Durfee Avenue


Daniela Alcazar

2019 Homecoming King Ethan Tat dances with Homecoming Queen Liyah Rangel

Jesenia Garcia , South Side Editor

On Saturday, October 12 South El Monte’s homecoming dance took place in the gym. The theme of this year’s dance was Nightmare on Durfee Avenue. ASB’s handmade horror film posters covered the perimeter of the gym. There was a photo booth set up near the DJ stand and photos were available to be taken throughout the night, and two picture strips would be developed to keep as memories after the photos were shot. Refreshments and snacks were being sold outside. Also, there was a small seating area outside if anyone needed to step out for fresh air or if anyone wanted to sit while they snacked.

The dance took place at 7pm but students and guests were not allowed in until a few minutes after. When walking into the gym there was a display of multicolor disco lights beaming all across the dance floor. The gym was slowly starting to fill up as time began to pass, students began dancing and enjoying themselves as more and more students were arriving. There was a DJ that was providing music throughout the night. Students arrived in party attire, girls mainly in dresses, classy jumpsuits, and boys mainly in slacks with button-up shirts. It appeared many students attended, as half of the gym was filled up by students and guests. There was a significant amount of upperclassmen who were present, and enough freshmen to make the gym feel as if it were full.

Around 9:30 the crowd was silenced for the revelation of the 2019 homecoming king. After a brief moment while curiosity buzzed around the room, Ethan Tat was announced as  South El Monte High School’s Homecoming King. Ethan was then accompanied on the dance floor by Homecoming Queen Liyah Rangel, as they shared their first dance of the night. The crowd’s energy continued to rise through the night as students danced whether it was with their significant other or their friends. Freshman Audrey Aguliar shared her perspective on the dance, “I thought it was pretty fun and I was able to hang out with friends and I talked to new people who I’ve haven’t talked to before.” She also expressed, “For being an ASB student it was interesting to see all the different types of movies that I didn’t know about.” Although Audrey chose to go with a group of friends she thought it was important to mention, “single girls can have fun too.” 

It was the freshmen’s first homecoming as it was the senior’s last. Students continued to dance throughout the night, especially the seniors who wanted to make the most out of their last homecoming. Later on during the night everyone was on their feet dancing. Towards the end of the night feet were hurting, however smiles were still plastered across students’ faces as they danced. 

Overall, it was a night to remember regardless of which grade a student was in who attended the dance. Everyone who attended danced the night away while they made every second count. It was an experience for everyone, it was a long night full of fun that people spent with their closest friends. The night ended with sore feet, big smiles, and memories that will last a lifetime.