Varsity Lady Eagles Came Up With A Win


Photo By Olivia Guerrero/ Eagle’s Nest

Jannelle Mendez, Editorials- Page Editor

Tennis is a game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.  The usual form (originally called lawn tennis ) is played with a felt-covered hollow rubber ball on a grass, clay, or artificial surface. According to a study, kids who play tennis regularly get better grades thanks to the enhancement in the neural connections in your brain. Tennis allows your capacity to deal with stress to increase since it includes mental, physical, emotional and social challenges.

The 2019-2020 Lady Eagles Tennis team had an event that was held for a tennis match at Gladstone High School, played between Gladstone High and South El Monte. The date of this event was September 17, 2019 on a Tuesday. Some of the returning players hoped to improve on their performances from last year. Senior Amber Arenas stated, “I joined tennis because honestly it seemed interesting and I wanted to play a new sport. So I’ve played the last 3 years, made varsity my junior year, and as a senior I am now captain. So I’m excited for my last season.” 

Each player also has personal goals which include winning individual matches and doubles to help their team win to bring a league championship to South El Monte High School.  “I play doubles which is two on two and I am hoping my doubles partner this game will be Jocelyn Cornejo,” Amber stated.  The teams continued to rotate around the court as the stakes and scores increased as the sun continued to beam down upon the Eagles. “Only 9 girls play at a time, however we have 10 girls on varsity so one sub. There’s 3 single players and 6 doubles players. There’s 6 league teams including ourselves, but league starts the 24th. So we have two more preseason games,” said Ashley.

The girls on the variety tennis team work together and are more than just a team. The team has fun and plays because they enjoy tennis. “I really enjoy tennis, it’s not like other sports. Our team is mostly really close to each other and we’re not competitive so we really go out there and play to play and try our best hoping we could win a few matches,” Ashley mentioned. By the end of the game, the Lady Eagles took the win. The league prelims for tennis this year will be held at Mountain View, played against all schools, and the top two doubles and singles play the teams in the league to see who will go to CIF. Lets go Eagles!