The Intense Game from the Lady Eagles


Photo by Sujey Flores/Eagle’s Nest

Sujey Flores, News Editor

On September 13, 2019, the Lady Eagles began their first season game vs El Monte High School. Before the game began the girls prepared themselves by motivating each other. The Lady Eagles were excited to start their season with the support of many people and families. They all settled themselves for the new season by practicing every day and not giving up till they were done. 

 Senior Alexandra Sanchez said, “Before a game, I like to scream to hype up the girls and it also puts me in a good mood.” When she begins to see the ladies with that same energy that’s when she’s having fun. The ladies from El Monte High School came in hard at first, but the Lady Eagles were ready to play with all their might. The game was intense because of the determination each team had to win this game. 

Eventually, the Lady Eagles won 21-20 with almost a loss but with their dedication and strength, the girls were non-stop throughout the first play. Alyssa Medina, a junior, stated a helpful advance for incoming freshmen who are planning to play volleyball is to go out there and try your best because coaches definitely look at your attitude. These ladies take a lot of their time to practice and to get better. 

This year the Lady Eagles have a new varsity volleyball coach who goes by Coach Cynthia Flores. She has been coaching for 8 years now. An interesting fact is that she played for South El Monte High School when she was a student here. She graduated in 1999 and was recognized as Athlete of the Year. Coach Cynthia Flores was also a student of the year, most athletic, played varsity, and was a captain since her junior year.

It was the second round till the end of the game and the Lady Eagles won again with a score of 25-17. This round felt spirited because of the support of the parents and fans. Aaliyah Cordova, the only freshman that made it to the varsity team said, “I felt relieved after finding out I made it to the varsity team as a freshman since I put in all the hard work in practices and tryouts.”  

It was the final round and the Lady Eagles were eager to win this game. All the sweat, mistakes, and joyful moments paid off as the girls won their first league game.