Blue and Gold rally


Audrey Figueroa (left) and Cassandra Flores (right) warming up the crowd. Photo By SEMHS Yearbook Staff

Nicole Lohman, Sports Editor

On the morning of August 23rd at South El Monte High School, students came as early as 5:30 am to set up the football stadium and their class sections with streamers, balloons, and paint. Students of all grades were released at 8am to come down and fill the stands with spirit. The majority of them dressed in their class colors, wore tutus, and colorful makeup to show the enthusiasm they had for South’s annual Blue and Gold Rally. 

The school’s band, drill, cheer, color guard, ASB, and fall sports teams were called one by one and announced, while they gave a quote, and their aspirations for the new season. This was followed by a speech by South’s very own Dr. Morales, about his hopes for the new school year and the excitement he shares with the graduating class of 2020. 

 The participating student programs performed amazing routines and celebrated the beginning of a new adventure. The students had the opportunity to participate in a couple of games and scavenger hunts, before the senior class ran to the field and celebrated with confetti and lots of pictures. 

Here are some words from the students at South El Monte High School. Victoria Andrade, a senior and captain of the varsity cheer team said, “I had a great time and even though I didn’t get to sit with my class on the bleachers this year I had tons of fun and I was apart of the cheer performance. I would’ve liked to participate in the games and activities but after the rally was over we all ran down together and took our class group picture. I think the best part about this year was that we all get along and we’re close to each other.”

Senior Vianey Rocha added, “I tried to keep the positive attitude even though I wasn’t next to people I usually talked to but overall it was a fun experience for me and since it was my last blue and gold rally I wanted to get really involved. In my opinion, the class of 2020 has been the most spirited and enthusiastic when it comes to school events and our spirit. I wish I had the chance to participate more but overall it was a fun-filled day.” 

Dr. Morales and Mr. Vu were involved in an activity that required them to be blindfolded and were supposed to apply makeup on Ms. Paz and Ms. Lopez in under a certain amount of time. Many students expressed how fun it was to see all the students get rallied up about the challenge, and laughed at how bizarre their faces looked after the timer was done.

Overall the rally was successful and the Eagles of South El Monte High School showed their true spirit and pride for the new school year.