The CC, Cosmetology Club


Cassandra Flores, President of Cosmetology Club welcoming new members.

Jesenia Garcia, South Side Editor

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. It is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, or skin along with the nails. It appears like suddenly many people are planning to pursue cosmetology as a career. Cassandra Flores runs the Cosmetology Club here at South El Monte High School. What inspired her to start the club was her recent passion for makeup, she plans to make a career out of cosmetology once she has graduated from high school. She believes that makeup isn’t and shouldn’t be about covering insecurities, but about being able to express oneself in a non-verbal way.

Cassandra explains that the club is still under a bit of construction, they’re still getting organized, although she plans for meetings to be held in Mrs. Rangel’s room which is 155 on Wednesdays. You can find her classroom next to the art room if you have any trouble locating the room. Her original intentions for starting the Cosmetology Club was that she could teach new techniques to people who may not have experimented with makeup before, as well as advice to anyone who’s new to the whole makeup concept. She also wants to plan some fun and friendly festive activities such as a Halloween makeup contest.  

She revealed that she began getting interested in makeup at the beginning of the year. Believe it or not many people who are unfamiliar with makeup skills or practice, assume that you need a name brand makeup product for your makeup to look good. “All you need is good brushes,” Cassandra mentioned. She insists that it’s not all about the high end makeup brands such as Kylie Cosmetics or Fenty Beauty to achieve your ideal makeup look. According to Cassandra, all you need is practice and some good brushes. Cosmetology has varied throughout the years. During the meetings she is going to teach new-up-to-date techniques and methods, as well as provide advice to make your makeup application process almost effortless.

Cosmetology may have a different meaning for different people, for some people it may be an escape from their worries and struggles, while for others it could possibly mean unleashing their artistic perspective onto their own skin rather than a canvas. In Cassandra’s view, cosmetology is more of an art than a way to cover any self doubt. She even claims, “It’s my favorite form of therapy.” She believes that makeup shouldn’t be about covering insecurities, rather it should be a hobby or passion. She considers cosmetology a way to express creativity through something she enjoys. Cosmetology is more than an eyeshadow palette and a makeup brush, it’s a form of therapy in the sense that it calms people down and is their creative outlet. The Cosmetology Club is going to be a safe zone for either focusing on perfecting your makeup, or channeling your inner thoughts and feelings in a creative way.