How Students Spent Spring Break


A picture in Maui Hawaii taken by Esmeralda Paz.

Roderick Martinez, Editorial's Editor


South El Monte High School’s students and staff went through a week break. The break started from the 9th through the 16th of April and students went back to school on the 17th. 


Spring break is really beneficial for mental and physical health. Beneficial from all those notes, assignments, cramming that worksheet you forgot about, and studying from dusk to dawn. Spring break can help mentally decompress from all that comes from school. It’s great to have some time off to go outside in that nice warm and sunny weather, and just relax. You might be sore from running around in gym class or from any sports you are participating in. Spring break is a great time to recover those muscles, or maybe go on a journey. Some students decided to take the week off with some soothing still relaxation while some decided to take trips.


Student athlete Nathan Mendoza, a Junior, had a very nice relaxing spring break. Nathan’s mental state was just neutral as he stated, “It was alright I felt like I was just chilling with my grades and classes.” Nathan’s laid back spring break experience consisted of “I didn’t really go anywhere during spring break, just stayed home and what I mostly did was sleep and relax in my room with my dog.” Spring break to Nathan felt like any ordinary break as he stated, “It wasn’t really different because I did the same thing but spring break was longer.” Different or not different, spring break was really impactful on Nathan’s relaxation. Nathan claimed, “My spring break was really calm and soothing. I felt in a relaxed state of mind.”


Sophomore student athlete Esmeralda Paz had quite a way to get away for a week as she went to Maui, Hawaii. “My mental status was kinda bad before spring break started. It was like that because I was stressed out with school finals and track.” Esme stated. She felt that not only school was taking a toll on her mental status, but her sport also took a toll. “My spring break this year was different from my other breaks because I usually go out of state but this year I was blessed and traveled to Hawaii.” Esme stated after being asked why this spring break is different compared to other past breaks.


Any break during school is nice to take a break from things and recharge. Spring Break is nice with sunny weather and bloomed flowers, a perfect time to just go outside and relax.