Life With The Villa And Mondragon Twins

Natalia Vargas, Fashion Editor

Growing up with someone who looks exactly like you, might sound like either the best or worst thing ever. These sophomore and senior twins, Alexa and Alyssa Villa, who are fraternal twins, and Ruby and Esmeralda Mondragon, who are identical twins, share their perspective on growing up as twins, and how it is incompatible to people who aren’t twins. Although you may think what could be so different about a twin life than a normal life? There are quite a few differences that you may come across, and realize how annoying or funny it is to live the life of a twin. 

Some twins may have a different relationship with each other, some may think it’s lame to be a twin and others might not. When Esmeralda was younger she stated that she wished she wasn’t a twin believing the fact that she wasn’t unique, “Since you’re getting compared all your life and people sometimes confuse you, you kind of start to question your identity.” On the other hand, Ruby says she has always liked having a twin sister, “We would always trade classes and prank our teachers.” She claimed it was also very easy to make friends, “It’s a nice conversation starter, so people who don’t know us just come up to us, and it’s easy for them to talk to us because we’re twins.” 

The Villa twins had always been stuck in the middle with whether or not they liked twinning. “It’s nice having someone who’s always there for you, but sometimes you just want to be alone,” Alyssa stated. Alexa agrees, she said, “I would never wish for my sister to not be here, but since we’re inseparable, it gets overwhelming, and I want to be by myself.” It’s very clear that they care and love each other, but it’s obviously human nature that they feel this way. 

When it comes to being seen in public places, the Mondragon twins state that a lot of the time they get asked the same and obvious question, “Are you guys twins?” The Villa twins also shared that they have gone through the same thing and sometimes find it annoying. A question that both twins have experienced and can agree that is crystal clear is when they ask one twin, “When is your birthday?” and then ask the other the same thing. 

“I know that all siblings have their bond but when you’re a twin you kind of even can feel it physically too sometimes,” Esmeralda expressed. She and Ruby both can admit that they believe twin telepathy is real “to a certain extent,” which has a lot to do with the way they bond with one another. They shared that they think almost the same way which they consider twin telepathy. 

Around school some twins may hang out together and be together all day, and some might not. The Villa twins shared that they are part of the same friend group, and are always together. Alyssa Villa inferred, “Alexa is literally my best friend, and sister in one person, we’re inseparable and have been since birth.” 

These twins can agree that being a twin comes with ups and downs, but their bond can never be broken. Since The Villa and Mondragon twins are the same age, they can relate to each other quite well, and view things very similarly. “She can be a pain, but I enjoy having her by my side,” said Alexa.