Shhhhh… CAASPP Testing is Now in Session


Roderick Martinez, Editorials Editor

If you are a student in California, you most likely might recognize the acronym “CAASPP.” It stands for California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. The state test is starting at South El Monte High School. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be the classes testing. There will be 3 different subjects, English language arts, science, and math. Sophomores and seniors will be taking the science portion and the juniors will be taking the math and English portion.

Sophomore student athlete, Micheal Valencia had an opinion on this CAASPP test. Michael said he isn’t much of a science person so the test isn’t going to be that fun for him. He stated “To be completely honest, I’ve never been fond of science but I know this is a state test so I’ll try my hardest.”Michael says he likes the idea of state testing because it gets him out of class. “This test can give me a little quick break in my classes, although it is still work, it gets me distracted from my classes, ” Michael said. 

A junior student athlete, Carlos Aguirre, taking the math and English portion had something to say about the CAASPP testing. He heard about the testing coming up and it sounded like it wasn’t in his best interest when he said, “When I hear that I have state testing I am not too happy, because it takes time away from my classes. I don’t remember what the last state test that I took was but I believe it was science. I would rather take a test on science rather than take a test on English, because the long texts that we read make me bored and tired.” Last year’s test took a hard toll on what his expectations were going to be for this year’s test. Carlos has already taken the English test and he stated, “The subject I tested on was English, and I believe that this test was much easier than last year’s because I finished this test in 4 hours rather than finishing in 6 hours.” Although Carlos’s test was much easier than last year, he stated he would rather be in his regular classes, “I would much rather be in my regular classes because I do enjoy most of my classes because my teachers make my day at school fun.”

Another student attending South El Monte High School had some thoughts to share about this test. Senior, Victoria Garcia, took the science state test. She predicted that she might struggle with this subject. Victoria stated, “I’m gonna take the science test this year. Unfortunately, I think I will be struggling with the test since the test has different types of science. I haven’t studied Chemistry/Biology in a long time so I’m kinda nervous.” Although Victoria might be overcoming challenges with this test, she seems to be fine with getting out of class. Victoria said, “I would rather be testing since it will take up the rest of my time. I think it would be a nice distraction.”

CAASPP testing is being held at South El Monte High School on the dates of March 14th and the 22nd for the juniors taking the math portion. If any students miss their testing days, they will be scheduled to take it in the near future.