South El Monte High School back Under Construction for Modernization!


Roderick Martinez, Editorial's Editor

            There’s new construction happening in South El Monte High school’s classrooms as there is a new modernization project underway. Classes are getting torn down and rebuilt to be updated versions with the latest technology and aesthetic features. This does not simply mean breaking down walls, but taking out all furniture, wallpaper, and any other tools. Eventually they will be replaced with new furniture and state-of-the-art facilities.

            Many students at South El Monte had different feelings when it came to leaving their classrooms for this project. Sophomore student athlete Isaiah Martinez had a lot to say when asked what was his opinion on this topic, he said, “Honestly it had me a little confused on why we needed more construction, plus I feel like we don’t need the new construction going on. I was confused as to why I had to move classes.” There was a lot of confusion with this new development on campus. 

            When asked about his feelings toward this new project, Dylan Munoz, junior, another student athlete stated, “It’s pretty whatever because there’s not much we can see and plus, we just had construction last year so it was quick to have it again this year.”

             South El Monte is evolving to become a modern styled high school. It’s something that will benefit all teachers and students, whether it’s about the rearrangements,  new tools,  or even the new furniture. This project will really help South El Monte High School toward having a new learning and teaching environment.