A Memorable Night


Cesar Nunez, Features editor

The Night Rally is an annual event held by ASB for the students of SEMHS. The Night Rally starts at 7PM and ends at 10PM. The South El Monte gym was decorated with space themes such as the stars and Star Wars. There were competitions between each graduating class the class of 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026. Freshman Vincent Garcia stated, “This year’s night rally I would say was very fun and awesome, and the theme of the different classes going against each other and dancing, battling or fighting like in star wars, or even dodgeball was very cool.”

 The first event to start off the 3 hour long night was to judge how loud each class can be, and the seniors came out on top starting their eventual winning streak of events. Next there was a performance by the band of SEMHS and they performed great as well. The drill team came out after the band and they had a wonderful performance, Vincent Garcia stated, “I am really excited and can’t wait for all the events this night has in store for us.” Cheer came out to perform after drill, and a band called Los Delincuentes, performed after cheer. Many  students described their performance and choice of songs as “stunning” and “beautiful,” if you would like to support the band it is @losdelincuentesband on Instagram. 

There were many competitions, one of which was judging each class’s performance in their own show. The 2026 class did a dance routine, 2025 also did a dance routine which included a purple space person throwing candy into the crowds, and everyone cheering for it. The class of 2024 also had a dance routine that had everybody out of their seats and dying for more once they were done. How are the seniors going to compare to the class of 2024? The class of 2023 did surprise everybody with how amazing and dramatic it was. They made a giant routine that included a fight between the dark side and the light side, that routine also included many people dancing along with Darth Vader. They obviously won and beat the Juniors by a landslide. Once the seniors did their routine, there was no chance that anyone would top them.

There were still more events, but what many people saw as the peak of the night was the dance and the class competitions. Abraham Cruz said, “the seniors performance was the best thing of that night by far.” There was a volleyball match that had also happened, and that led to an interesting outcome of the seniors once again winning. From what you might tell, the class of 2023 had dominated the competition, but freshman Abraham Cruz seems to differ stating, “The class of 2026 was just better.” Well whether you think the class of 2026 won or lost they had great performances as well. Overall, the Eagles put on another memorable night rally in 2023.