An Insight On My Spanish Music Playlist


Pictured,from clockwise Marca Registrada Nortenos, Natanael Cano (corridos), Rauw Alejandro (reggaeton), Santa Fe Klan (hip-hop)

Natalia Vargas, Fashion Editor

Lately, a lot of music in Spanish of all genres has been trending. Although I do listen to  music in English, often I like to stick to the music that I was raised with. A lot of my personal favorite genres like corridos, reggaeton, rap and norteños are definitely overpopulating my playlist. Many of South El Monte High School students are from a hispanic or latino background, I know that a lot of them can associate with the music that I listen to. Many of the artists in these genres sing songs about romance or heartbreak, but sometimes can sway into the life of the underworld and crime. 

Corrido music is definitely one of my favorite genres of music, when I listen to them I feel like a middle aged uncle making carne asada in his backyard listening to the same music. Many artists that make some of the best corridos in my opinion are Natanael Cano, Los Farmerz, and Fuerza Regida. 

Natanael Cano has been my favorite Spanish artist since 2019. When I first listened to one of his hits “Amor Tumbado,” I immediately added it to my playlist. At the time, he wasn’t as known as he is now, but his songs just caught my attention. Natanael Cano’s voice was something that I’ve never heard before when at the time I didn’t really listen to corridos, but when I heard his voice and the song I couldn’t stop listening to it, and that’s when my love for corridos began. 

Fuerza Regida is a group that I just started listening to when I heard their song “Mi Terre CLN,” on a video from TikTok not too long ago. They are very popular right now, and have succeeded making various hits. The lead singer is Jesus Ortiz Paz, who drew me to his groups music.

When I listen to reggaeton I automatically think about Karol G and Rauw Alejandro. Although reggaeton isn’t my favorite, it’s definitely on my playlist and I enjoy listening to it at times. If you ever just want to dance by yourself in your room, I think you should play some reggaeton to accomplish that.

About two years ago, I started listening to Rauw Alejandro. I first heard his music on the radio, and I heard his song “Reloj” which featured Anuel AA who is also a well known reggaeton singer. He also made another hit called “2/Catorce” which I think is a good song from my favorite album by him “Vice Versa.” His music has been on my playlist since then, and I think that he’s the Natanael Cano of reggaeton.

Even though rap is not my favorite genre, I do have a few rap songs on my playlist. But they are mostly by the Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan. I started listening to him at the beginning of last year, and the first song I heard by him was “Adicto.”  I know that a lot of people don’t find his voice very pleasant but to be honest, that was my favorite part. His lyrics also go into a lot of depth that I really appreciate. One of my favorite songs by him is “Asi soy.” The more I kept listening to this song, the more I became attached to it. It soon became a hit and made No.8 on the Latin Digital Song Sales chart. 

My top and favorite genre on Spotify is norteños, and there are tons of artists that I could name but my all time favorite group is Marca Registrada. I have known who they are for a really long time now, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I began to listen to their music. I have listened to so many of their songs and my best-loved song is “Eres Mi Crush,” which was released in 2021. I think it is such a pretty song, and I loved it immediately once I heard it for the first time. Fidel Osvaldo Castro, the lead singer of the group has an unrecognizable voice and I really love the way he sings. 

Since I was raised with this type of music, it’s really fun to listen to this music with my friends and family, knowing they understand it and enjoy it as well. Music in Spanish is something that I am always going to be listening to, and is a huge part of me and my life as I often feel a connection with it a lot more than I do with music in English. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, I think it can still catch your attention and get you to love Spanish music.