Who is Mr. Hernandez?


Faith Garcia-Aguilar

Mr. Hernandez, Math teacher at SEMHS

Faith Garcia-Aguilar, News Editor

Have you ever seen a tall man around campus in glasses and a backpack? If you have no clue who this might be or no memory of him even existing, well at Eagles Nest is where we shed light on these new and upcoming teachers. The Eagles Nest is proud to introduce one of our newest staff members at South El Monte High School, Mr. Christopher Hernandez. You might have seen him around but never quite knew his name. Mr. Hernandez is one of our new math teachers at South, he resides in room 196. This is where he teaches the levels of integrated math 1 and integrated math 2 for the math department.


On January 18th an interview with Mr. Hernandez was conducted for the Eagle’s Nest. In the interview South El Monte High School gets to know him a little bit better. Mr. Hernandez’s reason for becoming a teacher wasn’t the most conventional or traditional way others have expressed. Whether it was an ‘inspiration,’ or how ‘They wanted to always be one,’ Mr. Hernandez’s answer in fact was, “I somehow ended up in a classroom and somebody offered me a job. People told me I can get kids to listen, and my wife said I make nothing so I gotta teach now.” Mr. Hernandez openly stated how teaching wasn’t always a goal in life, “If I were to choose another career if I hadn’t taught, I’d be a professional poker player.”


Inside the classroom the use of technology and rules are set. Technology in his room consists of  delta math, kahoots, and his ipad which the students watch through the projector as Mr. Hernandez teaches. In fact, he gives those who win kahoots rewards like candy. Rules on the other hand are all created with the cooperation of Mr. Hernandez, and his students with the exception of no cellphones. Other than teaching, Mr. Hernandez recreationally spends time playing poker, watching good shows on TV, and even rollerblading.