Henry Liem A bright Prospect at South

Cesar Nunez, Features Editor

Henry Liem is a freshman at SEMHS who came from Potrero, a K-8 school. Henry Liem is interested in many things such as his favorite subjects math and science. Henry, although a freshman, has already made a big splash here at South El Monte High School by starting his new club “The Quadratics Club,” which tutors students who need help in math. His goal for this club is to improve academics at South, stating, “I plan to AT LEAST improve the academics at South, since my club is responsible for tutoring and promoting academics.” 


Henry also has dreams and aspirations for after high school, he stated this about his dream college, “I would go big and hope for Ivy League. But what I know I need to look for is a college that offers what I want to do. So Ivy Leagues and places with a good history of math and science would be on the top of my list.” Henry is going to have to be dedicated to be able to reach these colleges and attend, but his dedication won’t be a problem he stated, “The thought of me doing what I always loved to do excites me…Because of this, every day I know that I’m one step closer to my goals.” 


Henry, just as other students have ambition, has explained his ambition saying, “I want to gain more knowledge about the world around us, and really learn and study everything the world has to offer.” Henry is able to help students through his club, but he recommends if they don’t want to go to tutoring they could always ask teachers for help because teachers will never hesitate to help a student out. Henry also explained that if you don’t understand something you should always ask questions. He is even part of a program here at South called FMP (Freshman Mentoring Program) and Henry believes that if you can join you definitely should, “It’s a program where a freshman receives help from a senior/junior and everyone involved in the program must have good grades to join. I highly recommend the program if you’re a very motivated student.” 

Henry, although having big dreams, will not give up on himself or the people around him. He also wants you to ask a certain question about him and other people around, “What makes everyone unique is what they believe in, and what they dream to be. Effort also makes a significant difference when setting people apart. I’ll allow you to be the judge: What sets me and you apart from other people?” Henry is already showing people that he is a very promising student with his many advanced classes, and him already starting his own club.