Boys’ Volleyball Spiking Into 2023


Samantha Perez, News Editor

Boys Volleyball Spiking Into 2023


The 2022 season of boys’ volleyball was good, but could this year be better? According to Mr. Mario Lopez, the answer is an undeniable yes. He shares that since last year had been his first year coaching, he had barely learned the technical stuff like learning the proper drills, making sure he was on track with his schedule, and getting the boys ready. Now that he has worked out the kinks, Mr. Lopez has a few tricks up his sleeves. 

When previewing the upcoming season he enthusiastically shares, “I can tell that my returners have been working off-season, and the newcomers are getting better little by little every practice. This new season looks promising”. Mr. Lopez is very enthusiastic with his group of young men rising to the challenge known as volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of physical and mental awareness. It is similar to a game of chess, you must think of your opponent’s next move and always stay two steps ahead. 

After asking Mr. Lopez what his plans for the upcoming season are he says, “I am going to be more strict this time because last year, it was more for fun. This year the boys have a league and I want to leave with a championship.” Coach Lopez is certainly showing the qualities of an amazing coach, he knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Now that the team has something to gain, they’re working extra hard on the court and bringing home a sweet shiny championship trophy. He explains how there will still be room for fun and games, but now is the time to get serious. Since there is a Mission Valley League for the team, everyone has the hunger to win and the skillset to execute beautifully. 

Now that the boys have a fighting chance to win championships, Mr. Lopez says there are a few things he would like to change about his work ethic. “I have come up with more drills to help improve their skillsets and plan on being more on the boys this year. I also plan on utilizing more substitutions and using my boys where needed”. The idea of utilizing his players where needed and using up the 18 substitutions is a phenomenal idea. Once the players on the court start to get tired, or the opponent is killing them, the players on the bench can come to the rescue and show off their dinks, spikes, and bumps. 

Another aspect of forming a great team aside from skill set is forming a community with your players. As a coach, this is one of the most important aspects of the job. Creating that bond and trust with one another is what differentiates a good team from a great one. Mr. Lopez has some amazing upcoming plans for how to create that bond between himself and his players. One way he plans on helping the team become a community is by doing a lot of fun activities. To be specific, he says “I plan on taking the boys to go see a college game and have a beach volleyball day. This could help build a sense of togetherness and form a connection of trust between one another, myself included.” What an amazing way to build a brotherhood, sounds like the boys have a lot to look forward to this upcoming season. 

This is one of those simple questions that have a foreseeable complex answer. After pondering for a minute or two Mr. Lopez stated, “I let them know I am not your friend, I am not your family member, I am not your teacher, I am your coach. I act as professional as possible and try not to mess around with them too much.” Wise words were nicely said, as a coach, it is extremely important to differentiate friendship from coaching. If not established from the start, favoritism may occur and the team may fall into a slight predicament. By staying professional and creating those boundaries, the players will have an easier time staying focused on one goal.