That Girl Lifestyle

Samantha Perez, News Editor

Everyone wishes to be their best version and have a perfect morning or night routine. This would include dressing aesthetically pleasing, and living a lifestyle that keeps them motivated, healthy, and trendy. The “That Girl” lifestyle encapsulates this way of life. 

The trend originated on TikTok in 2021, and made its way to many other popular platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. The whole point of the “That Girl” lifestyle is to be the better version of oneself. The key values are to have inner peace, productiveness, organization, and being “That Girl.” It’s a combination of the best parts of popular lifestyles and aesthetics, one of them being the clean girl life, when girls were doing the no-makeup makeup look, staying hydrated, and had a healthy diet. 

The “That Girl” lifestyle focuses heavily on mental health and self-care. Women all over the world have shared their way of taking care of themselves physically and mentally. They share their different workout routines, skincare, organization tips, healthy eating habits, and more.  Girls who have participated in this trend make it their goal to have an organized room and the mindset of everything should have a home. In other words, when someone is cleaning a room the goal is to ensure that all the items have a specific spot they go in. Girls have clear plastic containers that make all their organized makeup, food, and supplies look aesthetically pleasing. The more colorful the better. 

Students have different opinions on their lifestyles. Ashley Vazquez said, “It’s a trend that is influencing young women to be productive, influence their well-being, and to truly be themselves. There are so many positive aspects to this lifestyle.” She is very enthusiastic about young women following this trend because of all the positivity it has to offer.  

Although some girls may love this type of lifestyle, others believe it was a little overrated. Alyssa Villa said, “I feel as though it isn’t easy for everyone to live this way. Sometimes people don’t always have time to work out or make a whole meal plan. Also, it can be kinda harmful to people who aren’t doing that lifestyle and may feel like they’re not enough because they aren’t working out at 6 in the morning, cleaning, and doing all of that. They can feel discouraged or like they aren’t being as productive as others.” These statements may be true, but the beauty of this trend is its flexibility. 

The best part of this trend is its flexibility, people can tailor the trend to their liking so that it satisfies their needs. I have done this myself. Since I am unable to get a workout in the morning, I work out at night after I’ve had my last meal of the day. Another way I have adjusted this trend to my liking is through how many meals I decide to have in a day. It is through the food region component of the trend that advocates a three meal a day plan. Since I wouldn’t say I like having food right when I wake up, I have modified the trend to two meals a day for myself. 

When it comes to healthy eating, this lifestyle takes the cake easily. Since physical health plays such a huge role in this trend, women have posted different types and variations of how to make their own tasty and pleasing dishes. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner there are many popular food choices for one to pick from. A favored breakfast meal is avocado toast, eggs, acai bowls, or smoothies. Making sure to have protein and fruits in their meals is extremely important. Into the bargain of all this yummy food, sought-out beverages tend to be spa water, which is water with fruit submerged inside of it and coffee. It is important to remember to be aware of any personal allergies to certain foods one may have before trying a new diet, if you are unsure check with a medical or dietary professional, and check with your parents or guardians. 

 Girls either make a latte at home or go to local coffee shops. I love to get Starbucks in the morning when possible. I feel better and more energized throughout the day with my coffee or refresher. A drink I recommend getting is the matcha frappuccino with peppermint syrup and java chips. It tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream! For those who want to be on the healthier side, I would recommend a mango dragon fruit refresher with 2 pumps of raspberry syrup or a matcha latte with coconut milk. These are amazing drinks that aren’t too sweet and hit the spot. I love to go onto YouTube or TikTok to see new recipes that I can try out for myself. It’s fun to be able to try new things and see what the outcome will be. One recipe I love is the one I use to make a protein shake. It includes milk, frozen berries, an egg, one banana, ice, vanilla extract, yogurt of your choice (optional), cinnamon, and peanut butter. This is a perfect protein shake that is extremely tasty. I love drinking this when there is “nothing to eat.” It supplies you with many nutrients and keeps you full for a good few hours. 

This is a trend that I would recommend to the young women of the current and future generations. Ever since I started this trend I have felt better and healthier. I believe that this is one of the TikTok challenges that will last for a long time, and more and more people will get on board with it. This is because it has been a trend with so many positive aspects like productivity, healthy habits, good eating, and more. This lifestyle has helped so many people accomplish their goals and create a better life for themselves. It has helped me create a better life for myself. I would be selfish not to recommend the ‘That Girl’ lifestyle to other aspiring young women. Ashley Vazquez also agrees, “I would recommend this trend to young women because it can be empowering. Young women need to know they are powerful. Obviously, in society, women had suffered a lot because we weren’t seen as much. Now it’s different and we as women should keep striving to be the best version of ourselves.” She couldn’t have said it better. We as women should keep striving and hoping to be our best selves. Mariana Ortega stated, “I would recommend this trend to the new generation and other young women because it will help them try to be on that level of productivity and help them strive for success.” Both of these girls believe that the “That Girl” lifestyle is a good trend to follow for all of its positive qualities. Perhaps this will become someone’s next perfect lifestyle to help them be a better them.