Finals Week 2022


Jesenia Garcia , Editor In Chief

It’s officially that time of year, and no not Christmas. It’s finals week, one of the most stressful weeks of the year. It doesn’t help that finals take place the week right before students start winter break. Although students are ready to relax and take the next two weeks off, it’s time to reel in their focus and finish the week off strong. 

This year students have school all week long. Normally, students only have a four day finals week and have Friday off. However, that’s not the case seeing as to how students will be expected to attend school this Friday. On Monday, it is the same Monday schedule with all classes and no nutrition break. Tuesday is also a Monday schedule except with an added nutrition break. On Wednesday, students will have their 1st, 2nd, and 7th period classes. On Thursday, it’s 3rd and 5th period classes. Lastly, on Friday students will have their 4th and 6th period classes. Students have a minimum day on both Thursday and Friday in which they are released at 12:47pm. They can stay for lunch, or grab something to go if they wish. 

In addition, South El Monte High School is participating in a district wide spirit week hosted by the EMUHSD Student Advisory Council. Hopefully the spirit week will motivate students and keep them engaged throughout the week. It will also bring some festive holiday spirit to campus. On Monday, students wore their favorite holiday hats. On Tuesday, students wore some cozy pajamas to keep themselves warm in this cold weather. On Wednesday, students will wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters. On Thursday, the theme is Christmas tree which is up to interpretation. Students can dress as a Christmas tree, wear something Christmas tree related, or choose to interpret the theme their own way. On Friday, students will finish off the week by going all out with their holiday spirit.

The week is almost over, so finish strong! Remember to reach out to teachers, friends, and family if you find yourself in need of extra help or support. Whether you’ll be taking finals or having a class party, all students are encouraged to do their best and make the most of the rest of the week. With that being said, good luck!